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Black Woman’s Fitness Products Help You Get The Perfect Shape, Even From Home

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Exercise is essential for good health but if we’re honest, we’d also like to look amazing. Nothing’s wrong with wanting an amazing set of abs or backside, feelings that Amber Chambers understands well. Amber is an HBCU alum who is passionate about teaching health and helping people achieve their goals through her company, ItsHerLife. ItsHerLife offers a unique line of resistance bands that are helping people all over the country lift, tone, sculpt and raise their fitness levels, at home or at the gym. ItsHerLife also offers fitness guides and courses to enhance your workouts and provide insights on nutrition. You only get one life, why not look amazing while living it?

If you want the perfect backside, ItsHerLife offers custom, branded, “booty bands” to help you achieve it. You can also work your core, legs, hips and any other part you desire. These bands actually get results, for those who put in the work. There are bands for all fitness levels and even the most advanced fitness pro can use them to make routine exercises more challenging. ItsHerLife offers guides to help you target your arms and back, abs and core and of course, hips and backside. According to Amber, ItsHerLife is helping people make “cake by the pound,” with each workout. “Her” is an acronym for healthy, empowered and real, precisely the kind of life Amber has learned to lead.

Amber is a proud graduate of Central State University, an HBCU located in Wilberforce, Ohio. As a student, Amber wanted to major in physical education but was encouraged by a professor to study health education, instead. Amber quickly determined to spend her life helping people become healthier and look their absolute best. Despite her ambition, however, she found herself struggling to keep her job at a local Home Depot. She was working on her business plan but needed to keep the bills paid. Juggling multiple jobs was overwhelming and eventually, Home Depot let her go. Amber could no longer afford her apartment in Ohio so she had to move back home to Illinois. The setback, however, motivated her to start moving on her business ideas. The plan took a twist, however, when she pulled a muscle in her leg. She was limited physically but still wanted to maintain her fitness goals: that’s when the idea of resistance bands came to her.

ItsHerLife is helping people across the country achieve the body they want but the brand represents so much more. In addition to physical fitness, ItsHerLife is helping people grow in self love, acceptance of the journey and building a community where people can work towards their absolute best selves. No matter your fitness level, ItsHerLife offers resistance bands that will help you improve your conditioning in a fun, easy way, whether you use them at home or at the gym. You only get to live once, why not look amazing while doing it?

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D'Juan Hopewell
D'Juan Hopewell
I care about Black Power. Period. Currently working on creating jobs and funding new startups on the South Side of Chicago and writing here and there at HopewellThought.com. Follow me @HopewellThought.
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