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Black Women Are Finding Success With the SheEO GLOWUP Society

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The Ladies of Elegance Charm Academy is an award-winning digital entrepreneurship charm school for ambitious women looking to turn their side hustles into more significant enterprises. 

The Academy was founded five years ago by entrepreneur Nani Israel, who created the Academy because she was frustrated with the images and lifestyles promoted to and targeted at Black women. So, she created something that would challenge those stereotypes while also giving women profitable skills.

“We help women all around the world become the most vibrant, organized, energized, and best-paid version of themselves,” Israel said.

The Ladies of Elegance Charm Academy has been able to help over 1,000 women monetize their social media platforms, making a substantial profit. Women with less than 12,000 followers have made six figures with the Academy’s methods. You do not need a large following to join. The Academy has helped women with less than 5,000 followers earn 4-5 figures from their social media platforms.

To help more women take advantage of her methods, The Ladies of Elegance Charm Academy launched the app: The SheEO GLOWUP Society. The app contains all of the Academy’s tips and tricks and is designed to help women learn about everything needed to make money with social media. 

“Implement our systems, become hyper-productive, join our sisterhood of ambitious She-EO’s, and grow your business from scratch to scale.”

Israel believes that people should share success. That is why she recently took her team out to treat them for all the hard work and dedication towards The Ladies of Elegance Charm Academy and SheEO GLOWUP Society. Success isn’t always about the work you put in; it’s also about the benefits you receive. Israel wants every Black woman to know that they not only deserve success but also deserve to celebrate themselves. 

SheEO GLOWUP Society app is here to assist women on the journey to successful careers through social media. The app helps women create enterprises through social media monetization, automation, and manifestation, which Isreal calls the G.L.O.W.U.P. Success Framework. G: Gain Clarity, Lean Into Your Superpower, Organize The Foundation, Winner’s Circle Strategy, Use & Monetize Social Media and, Profit On Autopilot. 

Download The SheEO GLOWUP Society App today and start celebrating your future success!

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