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Black Women Say Via Alabama Senate Race, "We're Not Your Mule"

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especially Black women, were responsible for the small majority win for Democrats. White people made up 66% of the voters while Black people only made up 29% of the voters. Of the 66% of White voters, 30% voted for Doug Jones while 96% of the Black vote went to Jones. Analyzing by gender, we can see that the majority (98%) of Black women and Black men (93%) voted for Doug Jones while the majority (63%) of white women and (72%) of white men voted for Moore. Black people managed to show out in record numbers to vote despite being historically disenfranchised by voter suppression efforts such as strict voter ID laws and lawful discrimination of people with felonies. Blacks voted humanely and ethically. Doug Jones prosecuted the remaining members of the Ku Klux Klan who killed four African American girls in the 1963 church bombing. Roy Moore’s Senate run has been masked by allegations of sexual assault of minors and he has been quoted saying “getting rid of Amendments after 10th would eliminate many problems.” These Amendments include abolishing slavery, prohibition of voting based on race and gender, and establishes due process. Moore is also homophobic, Islamophobic, seeks to defund Planned Parenthood, critical of DACA, and he strongly rejects the free speech demonstrated by NFL players protesting police violence. All of these facts are apparent via a strong but sensible tweet by @PrimaryOut “Black women will save America from itself.” No burden should be placed on Black women to somehow pull serenity from chaos however when it comes time to vote, the individual voices of this demographic routinely choose the better candidate; (see Clinton and Trump Presidential Polls) Backlash from Black Twitter and online media have given BW this credit. https://twitter.com/KaysLaw07/status/940788405172146183 https://twitter.com/DavidCornDC/status/940790749997694977 Now what’s next? Will Black people in Alabama go back to being disenfranchised while the person they voted in; a White, heterosexual, able-bodied, man packs his bag for Washington, where he might fulfill the promises of the people who elected him? My advice to Jones is to seriously reflect upon the reason he is in the Senate and directly hire Black women as his Senior Staffers. Black women should not be seen as America’s morally obligate mule, instead since BW have shown they clearly know what they are doing, this demographic should be in Senate Seats themselves.  ]]>

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