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Embracing Blue Ivy & Her Freedom to Have a Big Personality

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For those of you all who missed the Grammys, let me share with you the most entertaining moment of the night. While Ed whoever spoke, Jay Z and Beyoncé applauded. Well apparently Blue Ivy wanted both of her parents to stop clapping, so she politely took her hand and sarcastically signaled them to shush. What happened next was as shocking to me as the “shush”. Beyoncé bent down to listen to Blue and obliged her request. After watching adorable Blue gather both her mother and father together at the Grammys, I realized that her childhood freedom is in direct opposition to the typical Black child experience. I remember being about 6 or 7 years old when my parents were showing off their dancing skills by doing the funky chicken in the living room. Good heavens I was mortified. I was totally embarrassed and wanted them to stop. However, I did not have the freedom or nerve to attempt to control or stop the actions of my parents. Blue Ivy, from what the public has seen on numerous occasions does what she wants to do, when she wants to do it, and to whomever she wants to do it to. Watching little Blue Ivy is a reminder to many parents out there, myself included. Children are allowed to be free sometimes, to feel sometimes, to express themselves. And when they do…it’s ok to just bend down, listen, and oblige. Keep expressing yourself Blue! Our Free Black Child.  ]]>

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