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Body and Soul Naturally: Empowering Black Women to Reclaim Their Health

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Natural body products usually smell great, feel good on your body, and when they come from a Black-owned business, they give you the great feeling of supporting your community.

But for Nicole Lawson Travis, the owner of Body and Soul Naturally, natural products aren’t just a passing fad.

“Your body is your most prized possession. It is your greatest asset,” she said. “It has to deal with not only what we put in our bodies but what we put on it. Anything you put on your body, a percentage of it is absorbed into your bloodstream. This is not cute for me. This is a way of life.”

This year, Body and Soul Naturally is celebrating four years of business. In celebration of the business anniversary, Travis is offering customers a discounted box containing 5 of her best-selling products: Aluminum Free Deodorant, Whipped Shea Butter, Natural Body Wash, Hair & Scalp Oil & Armpit Detox Paste.

Travis launched her natural body care line in 2017 with a single product: natural deodorant, free from harsh chemicals like the ones listed above. Like many natural product enthusiasts, Travis created her product after her aunt’s breast cancer diagnosis rocked their family.

“My aunt was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. It started under the armpit, in the lymph node,” she said. “When going through chemo, doctors told her to stop the use of antiperspirants. When she shared that information with me, I was really alarmed.”

Now, as a business owner and natural product enthusiast, Travis encourages women to be empowered to take charge of their health. Rather than waiting for a health crisis, Travis says women can be proactive and do their own research. She says it’s important to read product labels and noted that you may need to look beyond conventional health advice to find the answers that will help you heal your body.

“Yes, there are articles that say the amount of aluminum in deodorant is not harmful. But how do you combat so many women being diagnosed with breast cancer, starting so close to the armpit in the lymph node? How do you explain that? So you have to make the soundest decision that you can.”

As she looks toward the future, Travis is working on making her brand as natural and eco-friendly as possible, to meet growing demands from customers. New, responsibly sourced scents and plastic-free packaging are a few of the changes she has planned. But for now, she is focused on celebrating the progress she has made thus far.

“We have to take care of ourselves – mind, body, and spirit. It is not just about a dollar, it’s about making a difference. It is truly about me creating a platform for people to find healthy alternatives that are chemical-free. I have people thanking me for that.”

Shop Body and Soul Naturally here.

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