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Book an Unforgettable Vacation With This Black-owned Travel Agency

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Traveling can be a wonderful experience, but you can easily miss out on the joy of it when you don’t know where or how to travel. When you want to enjoy your vacations to the fullest, turn to Noire Escapes, a Black-owned travel company that helps people travel the world.

Founder Anita started the agency to promote travel among Black people, especially to places deemed “not for Black people.” She will never forget discussing her travels when someone said, “Oh, you’re going to Colorado? Black people don’t go to Colorado.” 

“There was just something about that statement that bothered me, because Black people travel everywhere,” Anita explained. 

Anita started in the travel industry as a blogger with her Travel is D’new Black blog, where she documented her national and international trips and shared traveling tips. 

In 2018, Anita went to an industry conference and met the host, where she discussed her blog and extensive travels over the brunch. By the end of brunch, the host asked if Anita would plan a trip for them. Anita, who hadn’t started Noire Escapes, was a little intimidated by the request, but that got her to seriously consider starting a travel business.

At the same time, Anita’s friends and family were constantly reaching out for hotel and destination recommendations, which made her realize that she may be good at this. So in 2019 she launched Noire Escapes

In early 2020, the pandemic was a hiccup for the company. But Anita took that time to perfect her business and craft. She began to brand herself as a travel business owner instead of a blogger. As of February 2022, she has built a platform with over 27,000 followers and has clients leaving for a group trip to the Caribbean in April 2022. Trips are also scheduled for September 1st to Jamaica and November 10th to Aruba.

Anita believes that a vacation is a form of self-care, especially in a culture that prioritizes work over wellness. She realized this after an unsavory experience at a previous employer.

Anita asked for time off for her niece’s graduation, which was important because Anita lost her brother (her niece’s father) a couple of years prior.  But at the last minute, her managers denied her request because of a project, despite Anita already having purchased the tickets. She stayed because she feared losing her job. 

“That did something to me, mentally. I was ready to kick a trash can and quit and I promised myself I will never let that happen again.” 

Considering that in 2019, over 700 million days of PTO went unused in the United States, Anita wants people – especially Black people – to take their PTO and travel. Even if you can’t travel outside the state or country, Noire Escapes can help you have a staycation. 

“So, please take your PTO – those jobs will figure it out, don’t feel guilty about taking a vacation,” Anita emphasized. 

Some of Anita’s travel picks for Black people include Colorado, Utah, and the western U.S. for domestic travel; and Florence and Italy for international travel. 

Trips in 2023 are dropping soon, so visit Noire Escapes to find your perfect escape.

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