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Break Free From the Grind With Money Master Chelsea G

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Chelsea Guarriello is living the dream. She has two beautiful, healthy children. She’s engaged to her best friend. And she’s making six figures monthly through her online businesses: Selling apparel and teaching others how to make money online with dropshipping. 

Making money online through dropshipping changed her life and now she’s sharing her knowledge, so you can stop grinding for someone else and build your dream life while making money online. 

Guarriello’s journey to entrepreneurship started less than two years ago when she was working as a makeup artist. While she was talented at the job, she had a feeling that there had to be more. Then, once her fiance came home from prison, the new family quickly began feeling the pressure as bills piled up and employers refused her fiance opportunities because of his prior conviction. 

While visiting the library one day, in an effort to research a way forward for her family, Guarriello came across something that changed her life.

“I got my hands on a list of 1000 ways to make money. On the last page was dropshipping. And I was like, ‘Wow I can do that.’” 

Guarriello then got busy setting up her dropshipping brand Legally Rich and began seeing results immediately. Now, she’s spending much of her time coaching other new entrepreneurs and helping them set up their own dropshipping businesses. And last year, just two years after striking out on her own, her coaching business hit the million-dollar mark. 

She’s even published her own list of 100 ways to make money and is offering it for free
in the hopes that she might inspire another person like she was inspired. 

“Not enough people have been exposed to opportunities like this, so I’m just dedicated to doing something every day … just letting people know about opportunities,” Guarriello said. “That list changed my life, so I thought I would make my own list since I’ve learned so much since then.”

Get Chelsea’s FREE list of 100 ways to make money online. 

Learn more about dropshipping with Chelsea.

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