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Build Intimacy and Burn Calories All at Once with Strength of Seduction

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You and your partner can now get fit – physically and intimately – with the help of Strength of Seduction, a Black-owned fitness program focused on “building trust and intimacy with your romantic partner through exercise”. 

Personal trainer and owner of MMFitness in Tampa, FL, Micah Morgan started the program in 2016 when his business partner and co-founder Daniel DiPiazza approached him with the idea of a couple’s workout plan for DiPiazza and his wife. Upon that request, Morgan recorded a series of exercises, including upper body, core, and cardio workouts that also incorporate sensual touching.

Morgan saw the potential in the videos and professionally re-recorded them for a public audience. He uploaded a trailer for the program on Facebook and it went viral. Soon after, people wanted DVD copies, so once again, he refilmed the programs on DVD. 

“I created a program where couples can focus on their health and intimacy simultaneously together,” Micah expressed. 

The program has helped over 10,000 Black couples get healthy and fit through intimacy. The Strength of Seduction program features over six hours of strength, mobility, and cardio training that doesn’t require exercise equipment and is great for couples of all ages, sizes, and strength levels.

Exercising with your romantic partner or spouse is associated with higher levels of relationship satisfaction and this is evident in customer reviews.

“My husband and I had a great time getting back into shape and getting closer with the Strength of Seduction workout! We laughed and got to encourage each other to keep pushing through. Our favorite part was the little kisses in the workout. Great date night!” one customer said.

Couples can stream the programs through the brand’s #SOS app and purchase DVDs. Right now, the DVD and digital bundles are on sale. Bundles that are usually $100-$120 are now $29.99-69.99; simply visit the website to access these deals. The Strength of Seduction book also details a 90-day journey to improve your emotional, physical, and spiritual connection with your partner. 

Visit Strength of Seduction and start a journey of intimacy and exercise. 

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