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Build Your Business With The Big Boss x Business Planner by Business of Paper

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Business of Paper is a business development resource for Black and WOC entrepreneurs looking to start and grow their businesses.

Created by business school graduate Chanel Essence, The Big Boss x Business Planner draws upon her immense amount of experience in the business world, having worked for companies like Samsung, Revlon, Hallmark, and many more. Essence’s purpose in creating Business of Paper is to provide easy-to-use products like actually helping people and their businesses. 

Business of Paper founder Chanel Essence

“Every good entrepreneur wants to build a brand, generate revenue, and have a strong and loyal customer base. But for some reason, the path to achieving those things has been made extremely difficult for us. That’s why I want to help you build your wealth and business with my simple and easy-to-use products,” Essence said.

The company was founded a year and a half ago after Essence noticed an influx of influencers selling products and services on social media which sparked interest from young girls and women who also wanted to start their businesses. However, it was difficult for these women to successfully launch because although they may have had the product, they didn’t have the information. She noticed that when people reached out to these influencers via the comment sections, they were either ignored or directed to a webinar that cost hundreds to thousands of dollars – many of which still left people with questions. 

So, Essence started going into these influencers’ comments and answering the questions many women had. After doing this in an attempt to help, Essence decided to make a business planner that mapped out everything needed to successfully start a business and keep it going. 

The Big Boss x Business Planner is a yearly planner designed to be motivational and help you stay organized; it has information on business planning, marketing, and PR planning, inventory planning, and costs. As well as sales and revenue generation, content creation and social media strategy, branding strategy, gratitude, and mindset. The planner also features up-and-coming Black digital businesses. 

“A lot of us do not know about business development and its importance. This planner is development,” Essence expressed. 

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