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Outrage Sparks As Burberry Capitalizes On Racism and Mental Health

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What Has Fashion Come To?

This is now what fashion has come to. More worried about the next line of clothes than the people buying it. The fashion industry uses peoples’ reactions to boost sales and gain publicity.  It’s sad the see that the fashion industry sees pain and suffering as fashion.

Mimicking Suicide

Wearing a noose is a big trigger warning for those of us with anxiety or experience The Call Of The Void. That is where you think about ending it just by walking into traffic or having the urge to jump. Some of us deal with that on a daily basis. Burberry doesn’t understand that and only apologized after receiving a huge bout of backlash.
The model wearing it even had something to say about it and she was told to “write a letter”. She was even told by an unknown person that, “It’s fashion. Nobody cares what’s going on in your personal life so just keep it to your self,” showing that they don’t even want to hear what their models have to say.
We Buy Black, Burberry, Buy Black Movement, Black history,
Burberry staff kept using the word “insensitive” but that is to say the least. Letting a model walk down the runway with a noose around her neck is targeting and very careless. This clothing line was specifically targeting young women and girls, so what do you think goes through their minds when they see a noose necklace around the neck of a model on the runway?
“Those who study the nexus of race and mental health say the sharp difference in the suicide rate of black and white youngsters, while disturbing, also falls in line with the litany of disparate health outcomes between African-Americans and whites–from higher diabetes and obesity rates among African-Americans to all-around earlier deaths–that are tied to social factors like poverty, nutrition, violence, and racism.” ~Jospeh P. Williams, U.S.News and World Report.

History of Racism

Lynching is how the white man kills black folks and silinces them forever. The youth are very impressionable, so what does that say to our young black girls out there? They are now especially targeted. Seeing a noose is very triggering and to see it be made into fashion is downright disrespectful, especially, if it’s hanging around someone’s neck. That is a symbol for one to keep quiet and stay in line. The noose is a threat not a symbol of empowerment. The Mental Health Foundation even commented that Burberry needs to examine their creative processes.
High Fashion companies like Burberry and Gucci are using our outrage of their racism as marketing tools to make them more money on purpose. They don’t care about us and don’t care about losing our demographic as buyers. We need to start taking care of each other as a community. We are all we have.
We Buy Black, Burberry, Buy Black Movement, Black history,

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