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#Day7: Meet Black Owned Jewelry Provider, MOIJEY Fine Jewelry and Diamonds

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#WeBuyBlack28 — Day 7

Black Love Day!

Love is in the air. With Black Love Day (Feb. 13 & Valentine’s Day Feb. 14) just one week away, you’re probably deliberating on what to get that special someone. Who knows, maybe you’re thinking about popping the question. Maybe not. Regardless, with all of the jewelers out there, who has time to shop around for the perfect one? Look no further. ‘Moijey Fine Jewelry and Diamonds’ is the place to shop for Black Love Day.

What Is Moijey?

‘Moijey Fine Jewelry and Diamonds’ is an international jewelry provider and was founded by Daniel Moijueh, Jr. His mission, “Is to provide superior-quality fine jewelry and diamonds to patrons while providing a unique experience”. Like with any business, there’s a backstory, and Moijueh has a very engaging story to tell.

Jewelry, Diamonds, Black Love Day, MoijeyBackstory

After surviving the Sierra Leonean Blood Diamond War, Daniel decided at the age of 17 that he would create his own jewelry business. Once he earned his BS and MBA, as well as his diploma in Rough Diamond Grading and Sorting, and after serving in the U.S. Army for 13 years, Moijueh was ready to set out on his own.

What To Expect

In 2012, ‘Moijey Fine Jewelry and Diamonds’ opened for business. His intent was to provide quality jewelry and a “beautiful life experience” for the customer, while also adhering to conflict-free practices. What does conflict-free mean? Jewelry, Diamonds, Black Love Day, Moijey Having witnessed the deplorable mining practices during the Blood Diamond War, Moijey goes to great lengths to ensure that their diamonds are mined both legally and morally. Additionally, 10% of all of the proceeds that Moijey accrues is donated to their nonprofit organization, Beyond the Carat Foundation. The Beyond the Carat Foundation rehabilitates communities that have been affected by mining and drilling.


Daniel says, “Still being considered a small business on paper, there will always be large chain competitors—and we accept that”. With over 15 years of experience working with diamonds under his belt, Moijueh has very little to worry about.


Although they have a great online presence, ‘Moijey Fine Jewelry and Diamonds’ has big expansion plans. As for the immediate future, Daniel is scouting locations for stores and he will be launching a campaign to advertise custom engagement rings. Think about this: when you propose, do you want a basic engagement ring? Why not show that special someone that you care enough to customize an engagement ring for them? When you visit ‘Moijey Fine Jewelry and Diamonds’ you’ll see that not only does their jewelry scream quality and elegance, but their finely crafted jewelry is also very affordable. If you’re looking for quality jewelry at an affordable price, then you need to click here.

Black Love

Black love is equally as imperative as Black consciousness. So, do you want to celebrate Black Love Day in a haphazardly way by giving your special someone just any old piece of jewelry? We didn’t think so. Take your jewelry experience to the next level with ‘Moijey Fine Jewelry and Diamonds‘ and celebrate Black Love the right way. Jewelry, Diamonds, Black Love Day, Moijey

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