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Why 'Buy Black' on Black Friday?

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I found this story quite interesting because the Black community spends predominately more than any other community yet, our businesses are still under financial strain because Black Businesses only get 2% of the Black consumer dollar.  Black buying power is set to reach approximately $1.7 trillion dollars by the end of this year. Yet the black dollar only stays within our community for approximately 6 hours. How Sway?? I don’t even think we need to go over the how. Let’s be solution driven shall we? Let’s go “IN THE BLACK” for Black owned businesses. Here are my top 5 Black owned businesses to shop with this Friday.

#5:  DO IT ANYWAY!: Single Mom’s Guide to Living Life and Achieving Her Goals.

What better way to finish the year than to get your goals in order for 2018. If you are a Single Mom (or Dad) and need a guide to create balance in your life or need affirmation that “you are ok,” then this is it.  Kaywanda Lamb is here to help you get your mojo back to return to school, start that business you always wanted, go after the promotion that you know you deserve or simply be the best parent that you can be.

#4: Royal Shine Activated Toothpaste:  Holistic Solutions

Everyone wants their teeth to shine bright like a diamond. Activated Charcoal has been one of the newest (yet oldest) ways to achieve this.  Upon further research, utilizing activated charcoal toothpaste over a consistent 2 week period, you will see that your teeth are whiter than they once were. It works great for people who drink coffee, tea, wine and eat berries (everyone).  Holistic Solutions has an amazing price on their Activated Charcoal Toothpaste and they offer free shipping.

#3:  The Vegan Soul Food Guide to the Galaxy

Since ‘What the Health’ made its debut on Netflix, everyone is “WOKE” and their eating habits are changing. We are becoming more conscious about what we are eating. And, the growth that I have seen in the Black community from a Chef’s perspective is astounding, challenging and satisfying.  The Vegan Soul Food Guide has shopping lists, easy to read recipes and nutritional facts to help you make your transition  smooth and easy living better.

#2: KOILS BY NATURE Beard Kit   

This will be the one year you won’t have to settle for socks, ties or breakfast in bed as your gift of choice this year.  As their beard motto is “No More Scratchy Beards,” Koils by Nature has utilized natural ingredients to create a 3-step facial process to achieve the most luxurious beard. Ladies, this is a gift for you and for him.

#1:   LoveLustFood Vegan Salad Dressings

This Chef-created salad dressing line was built for the foodie in mind.  With the current flow of health food trends, this company noticed that there were vegan dressings but no dressings that would catch the Black Culture.  And also the salad dressings that were on the market contained tons of preservatives that still didn’t make them edible for vegan customers. With 4 flavors that have been chicken wing tested and vegan approved, I’m sure that you won’t be able to resist them.  ]]>

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