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Black Economics Isn't Militance, It's Intelligence

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New Blogger Upon applying for the Blogger position with We Buy Black, I was elated to hear from our Editor shortly after. After a short phone interview, our editor offered me a Blogger position. You can imagine how excited I was to be Blogging for such a prominent company. I just had to tell somebody. I spoke with someone recently and this person asked me what had I been up to. With a sense of pride, I told them that they were looking at We Buy Black’s newest Blogger. They had never heard of this company, so I explained to them what the company’s mission is. But once I told them, this person asked me why would I want to work for a company like this. I didn’t understand their question. They elaborated. They asked me why would I want to work for a company that promotes division between the Black community and the rest of the world. “It just seems militant,” they said. I laughed at their statement for a couple of reasons: 1.) I had found myself in a similar conversation some time prior — before I was even Blogging — in regards to We Buy Black’s mission, and because 2.) this person didn’t know what they were talking about. There is an entire history of Black wealth that some Black people don’t even know about, so naturally, most non-Black people aren’t going to know about our history either. The history of our wealth is so expansive that it would take some time to cover. But this is the gist; We Buy Black aims to reclaim a portion of the wealth that was stolen from our people centuries ago.

Why We Buy Black

In order to understand the importance of a company like We Buy Black, one must understand the importance of economics. Money is power, and any community without power is subject to a multitude of disparities. Those without money are essentially voiceless when it comes to political issues that will negatively affect them. Not only does We Buy Black promote financial economics, but also educational economics. The more educated someone is in regards to their finances, the more wealthy they will become. We Buy Black also teaches our community the same thing that other communities already know and practice; how to be smart with our dollars.

Not Millitancy — Intelligence

Some people equate consciousness with militancy. Trump is a militant. Conscious people who understand the importance of circulating our dollars back into the Black community are simply educated. An educated Black individual may seem radical to some people, but we’re not militant. Circulating our dollars back into our community, and keeping it within our community for a lot longer than it is, is essential to gaining our equality. There is truly is strength in numbers. The number of dollars circulating throughout our community, plus the amount of time that those dollars circulate, equals the amount of power our community has. Therefore, It’s not militancy, it’s intelligence.]]>

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