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MEET COSTBUCKET: Black Owned Point of Sale System Provider

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You’ve probably heard of some of the big Point Of Sale (POS) service providers like Square, EPOS, and Clover. A POS system tracks of all of your business transactions and assists business owners in understanding their daily operational performance. But in keeping with We Buy Black’s mission to build a sustainable Black economy wouldn’t you like a Black-owned POS system? Costbucket is the company for you.

Brief History

Costbucket was founded in 2010 by Adrian McCalla and Clayton Bennett: two accountants determined to help small businesses thrive. After moving to New York City in 2008, Adrian met a restaurant owner. According to Adrian, the food was delicious. Although the restaurant was generating $1 million annually, the owner was still unable to break even on his investment. From there, Adrian conducted research. He found that most small business owners are people with a passion for what they do, but simply aren’t ‘numbers’ people. This fact left these small business owners with droves of useless paperwork that only complicated matters.

Their Service

After analyzing the needs of their target audience — small business owners — Adrian and Clayton developed their service. As professional accountants, they would assist business owners with their management information and provide support with understanding operational performance. But there was just one problem; these businesses were too small to afford their services.

POS, Costbucket, tablet, receipt machine, cash drawer, business, businesses


How would Adrian and Clayton be able to provide the service that businesses need at a price that they could afford? The answer was Costbucket. Costbucket is a POS and cloud accounting solution. Once you purchase Costbucket, you’ll get the downloadable Android-compatible POS system. You’ll also receive a cash drawer and a receipt machine. But do not mistake Costbucket with any ordinary POS system. It’s the ‘cloud accounting solution’ that really sets this company apart. Costbucket replaces the accountant by performing “100% of the bookkeeping.” All of your records will be updated in real-time and with professional accuracy.

Necessary Components

Adrian and Clayton have faced many challenges. Over the past ten years, they’ve struggled to find “the talent.” Adrian and Clayton struggled just to find the right advisors. But as of recently, they’ve been able to build a team comprised of all of the necessary components. Earlier this year, a few companies beta tested the system and they’re now fully live. They’ve put in a lot of time and effort into their product, so you can expect nothing but quality service.

POS, Costbucket, business, businesses, Black owned


If you want to know more about the Costbucket company’s goals, then consider your goals. Adrian and Clay have committed to helping you achieve whatever aspirations you have. They aim to support your goals by supporting your business process through “proper financial management.” Follow this link and allow Costbucket to do the bookkeeping for you. Here’s an informative video which better explains Costbucket’s services…

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