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Change the Look of Your Interior & Change Your Outlook on Life

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Welcome to my world! I deem this as my very first post as the Home & Garden contributor for We Buy Black! I look forward to giving you some of my exclusive design tips for your home, hopefully opening you up to the amazing world of design, and growing with each of you. All of your household activity, from the time you cross your door seal, to the time you prepare dinner, get ready for bed and wake up the next morning, is affected by a well designed home, its interiors and their functionality. These factors can also influence how you go about your day. Simply put, your home should give you an experience. Keep reading and I will share more with you…

The True Value of Interior Design

The value of interior design is understanding how it can influence you. The way you keep your home is a direct reflection of who you are and/or everything you want to become. From the time you wake up, you’re faced with your interiors. When you wake up, you wake up in your bedroom from a good night’s rest, to your bathroom to groom yourself, then to the kitchen to nourish your body for the day ahead. A well designed home is comfortable, functional, stylish, and exclusively for you. When our homes look and feel a certain way, we think clearly. And this allows us to feel a sense of confidence; it affects the way we communicate and the way we move. Our homes create experiences for us, so why not make it a good one? Home is where we create businesses, share meals with family, work through life changing events, and watch our children grow. Home is also where we go after a long day to recoup, and enhancing that process is the value of interior design, the true value.

The cost of interior design can substantially differ depending on each situation. But the outcome is priceless! Interior design/ decorating is a luxury, but an attainable one. A few months ago I wrote an eBook to detail my design process on how to execute a room design, my way. It goes far beyond choosing paint colors and pretty fabrics. When I work with clients, I make sure to capture their essence so their home doesn’t feel like a staged editorial photo out of a high end decor magazine, but a reflection of their personal style and lifestyle. See for yourself here, and if you like, you can download your copy.

I want you to take a look at your home and truly reflect on how it makes you feel. Don’t search for inspiration just yet. Instead, I want you to really connect and evaluate the experience you have in your home versus the experience you want to have. Then you can look at other sources to gain inspiration. This is the first step in creating vision for your space, and recognizing the value of a well designed home.


When you change your interiors, you change your life.

XO, Tiara]]>

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