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This Chef Creates Her Own Vegan Salad Dressings & Does Healthy Meal Prep

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Black women can do anything — even run a business doing healthy and vegan meal prep, using fine dining techniques. Nina Gross is a mother, chef, and owner of LoveLustFood. LoveLustFood is a custom meal prep service that uses only the finest, never frozen and locally sourced ingredients. LoveLustFood has also created a line of delicious vegan salad dressings — featuring flavors like Cilantro Cucumber Ranch and Jalapeno Avocado Ranch — ready to ship to you today! Chef Gross also does live cooking classes online every week — you’re certainly invited to join in. If your health is a priority but you simply refuse to sacrifice taste, pull up a seat as I tell you about this Black girl magic and how you can benefit.

Meet Chef Nina Gross

Nina Gross is a chef, Navy veteran and mother of 3 who began her career as a pantry chef. She was literally making salads and warming up soups in a restaurant, at that time. She eventually worked herself all the way up to executive chef at the United Airlines lounge at Dulles Airport in Washington, DC. During her time at United, Gross became confident that she had the ability to go into business for herself. She started her company in 2015 and never looked back.

Vegan Salad Dressing

Chef Gross has launched a line of vegan salad dressings which are available to ship nationwide. Her vegan dressings come in 3 delicious flavors and contain no meat, eggs, dairy or other animal derived ingredients. Best of all, they are absolutely delicious. You can order a bottle of your own today and have it shipped directly to you by clicking HERE.

Meal Prep Services

Today LoveLustFood also helps its clients live a more healthy life, including those who wish to transition to vegan — Gross makes vegan meats from scratch. She uses a fine dining technique called sous vide to prepare meals, according to each client’s needs and specifications. LiveLustFood delivers meals to each client’s home or business, in the Jacksonville, Fl area.  

Live Cooking Classes Online Weekly

If you’d like to get more healthy but need help preparing your own meals at home Chef Gross has a solution for you — live cooking classes each week. The classes are interactive and are free of charge! Each Tuesday at 7 pm eastern Chef Gross cooks live with you and every other week she features a vegan meal. The classes take place on her Facebook page. Click here to visit Chef Gross on Facebook and be sure to follow her page so you’ll be plugged in for next Tuesday’s class.

Check Out LoveLustFood

LoveLustFood provides a critical service to people in our busy, health conscious society. People want to be healthy but they simply don’t have the time to cook. Others lack the expertise to do so. Gross is a chef with plenty of expertise and prides herself on safety, health and customization to each client’s wants and needs. If you’re in the Jacksonville area visit LoveLustFood today to get started with your own personalized meal prep plan. For those outside of Jacksonville, order our vegan salad dressing today and follow Chef Gross on Facebook to participate in her weekly online cooking classes. You won’t be disappointed — she’s magic. 

Visit www.lovelustfood.com To Learn More about Chef Nina Gross 

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