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'Choose What's Strong:' An Ode To The Black Woman

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  Around my birthday an old friend gave me a controversial and thought provoking book called “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.” Long story short- I haven’t it yet. I think it is due to the positive and practical influence of my Black Queen. See now I realize reading that book would have made me cold but it was her presence that influenced me to love instead. Having the honor to learn my Black Queen’s superpowers face to face was insightful. I often catch myself wondering, “how does she make overcoming obstacles seem so easy?” A Black Woman’s internal strength is worth envying at times. She chooses what’s strong so easily and innately almost. I know it isn’t only me, I talk to my homie all the time about this. We all feel that we are in some sort of experiment which allows the water from Black Queens to flow to our roots and help us grow. Outside of normal convos, you can catch us having a normal dialogue like this.. Me- “Bro, the flashes in her skill level make her look like a seasoned vet at times. She can get to the hole at will (to the point), she can run the pick & roll if she chooses (beat around the bush but still get to the point), be a ball-hog if the game is on the line, or get 10 assists (which makes me look like a wayyyyy better man and player on her team).” Homie- LAUGH OUT LOUD..! Me– “As chiefs, there’s no better feeling than witnessing the development of royal matriarchs bro. I have no problem passing the ball when I know she could erupt for 30 or 40 on any given night.” For us Black Men, we can be quite the opposite. At times we mask our insecurities and leave ourselves stuck behind the tough external layers inside the doubt flares of our minds. Often, we measure our self-worth by failures, as if we forgot that there is no road to stability without sometimes failing. Although as men, we must maintain a sense of pride.”      

I’m learning that Black Queens support Black men’s dreams wholeheartedly, just in a different way than we expect. Dreams are dope and most of us have them, but Black Queens know and show the value in day-to-day operation of dreams. In a practical way, they simply  don’t let us get carried away with our heads in the clouds. They provide stability. This Black history month reflect on what areas in your life you can build up and the current endeavors that your grand kids will appreciate you for tackling. Listen to your Black Queen and embrace your growth process! She intends to win too, and will allow you to lead the way and stay committed to choosing what’s strong.

“Choose what’s strong. I’m not use to choosing what’s strong, I been in my flesh for way too long, I’m not use to choosing what’s strong, Man, what’s wrong?? … man, what’s wrong. Coming from not such a perfect home… The Devil was calling my phone… If it wasn’t for the favoring, Boy I would be so gone. .. For I have lived in Fear too long Psalms 91 … Born in 91.. That’s long”

-Gerald Jackson Jr.



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