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Clean Your Home With All-natural, Eco-friendly Products From Laura Kay Innovations

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There are lots of traditions and old ways that are wonderful to keep alive, but cleaning with harsh and toxic chemicals that aren’t made by Black companies shouldn’t be one of them. Drop your chemicals and the bleach (yes, even the bleach) and start cleaning your home with eco-friendly, safe products from Laura Kay Innovations, a Black-owned, family-owned company founded by a Black chemist.

Whether you’re the kind of person who needs specific cleaning products for every room of your house, or whether you use one, all-purpose cleaner to get every job done, Laura Kay Innovations has just what you need.

The brand’s best-sellers are their CleanVation™ Dish Soap, which boasts a fresh, lemon scent that customers rave about; their CleanVation Everyday™ Multi-Surface Cleaner; and their OxyVation™ 5 in 1 Germ & Virus Fighting Green Cleaning Kit, which helps fight germs and viruses without harsh chemicals.

For new customers who want to experience the full range of Laura Kay Innovations’ products, the brand also offers a CleanVation™ Home Essentials Bundle which contains all of their best-selling products from dish soap to multi-purpose cleaners and odor eliminators plus extras like latex gloves, a grout brush, dish pads, and a microfiber dish towel.

All of the brand’s products provide cleaner and safer alternatives to traditional brands without sacrificing cleaning power – plus, most of Laura Kay Innovations’ formulas are concentrated, which means that a little goes a long way.

This family-owned business was founded by patented chemist Bill Embry and his son Keion. After running a successful commercial cleaning product brand, Embry decided to re-brand to offer something directly to consumers. The father-son duo decided to name their company after Laura, Bill’s mother and Keion’s grandmother, and Kay, Bill’s wife and Keion’s mother – two Black women whose love and caring have contributed to the beauty of their family.

“My wife is a very caring person, and so we thought about Laura’s love and Kay’s caring and how we could carry that forward into a product line,” Bill said.

There has been a groundswell of interest in natural cleaning products over the last few years as more and more studies show that the chemical substances in some household cleaners can often cause adverse health effects on the skin and the respiratory tract. Laura Kay Innovations conducts rigorous testing on all products to ensure that they are safe for people with skin sensitivity issues and respiratory issues.

However, according to Bill, an experienced chemist, not all products labeled natural, are the same.

“A lot of green cleaners on the market are high on marketing but low on effectiveness. So that’s where the chemistry comes in,” Bill said. “We make sure that the product works for people – it smells good and it saves money, but it also works.”

It’s these values that make products like Laura Kay Innovations’ dish soap a best-seller. Bill says that although dish soap may seem like a no-brainer, he personally conducted deep research to make sure his product was the best it could be.

“When it comes to dish soap, if you see something is really cheap cost-wise, then you know there’s a lot of water there and not too many ingredients,” he said. “But with our dish soap, it is very concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way.”

Ultimately, the company’s work in educating our community about the importance of using products that are effective but that also are safer and gentler on the health of the household is paying off. Try replacing some of your traditional cleaning products today and start a new tradition in your family.

“The highest compliment that we ever received was from a customer who said the product was a blessing from God,” Bill said.

Shop Laura Kay Innovations today!

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