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Click-Pro Helps You Backup Data and Secure Your Small Business

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If you’re a Black owned business that’s committed to filling your operations and supply chain with other Black-owned businesses then you know: It’s not always easy to find us in every industry, but the search is always worth it. 

For high-quality, business IT services like data storage and 24/7 remote technical support, Click-Pro is the Black-owned business you need. Click-Pro’s team of IT professionals can help with just about any tech issue, but owner Savoy Wilson says you need to call him before your business has a problem. 

“After a problem occurs, a lot of times it’s too late,” Wilson said. “So you want to have proactive backup, security, and maintenance on your systems.”

Click-Pro’s scariest client tale comes from a 20-year-old, thriving construction business. When the company was hit by a ransomware attack (i.e. hackers hijacking their digital data and demanding money for its return), they had to rebuild their entire business from scratch. Important documents, client information, work plans were all gone with the click of a button. 

While ransomware attacks are on the rise, Wilson says, this type of business tragedy can be easily avoided. 

“Pay for proactive support so you don’t have to react to things … which is not always possible.”

Click-Pro isn’t all about security, however. Their services can be helpful for more everyday issues that can be managed remotely, like employee printer issues or installing software. Click-Pro can help your team spend less time troubleshooting tech issues and more time growing your business — whether you have 5 or 25 employees. 

If you happen to be local to Southern California, then the Long Beach-based business can offer you even more services like cabling installs. 

Getting started working with Click-Pro is simple: Give them a call and after assessing your business needs, the team will set you up on a monthly retainer that covers everything your company may need to keep running smoothly for the month. 

So, you can say goodbye to spending hours reading manuals, looking at YouTube videos or calling family members when you have an IT issue. 

Work with Click-Pro today.

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