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Click To Find Black Owned Insurance Agencies

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The US insurance market nets over $1 trillion in premiums annually but Black-owned agencies don’t even control 1 percent of that. InsureBlack is changing all that by connecting consumers with Black-owned agencies to protect their home, life, business, and everything that matters. The insurance industry has always created wealth for families and communities — even African Americans. InsureBlack is restoring that wealth and the Black insurance agency to its rightful place as the center of Black Wall Street. 

InsureBlack is a directory of Black-owned, independent insurance agencies and Black agents. Customers come to InsureBlack because they want to build wealth for their families through life insurance. Others come to protect their business in case of vandalism or natural disaster. Some come for basic auto insurance but all have one thing in common: they wish to do business with a Black agency and in doing so rebuild Black wealth. InsureBlack allows consumers to search for Black insurance agencies with the click of a button. The InsureBlack “Agent Locator” allows you to look for agents by state and coverage types: from auto to funeral insurance, simply click what you need and where you need it and InsureBlack will deliver it to you. Best of all, every policy purchased is a radical move to recycle Black dollars!

The state of Black agencies today is far worse than the segregation era. Indeed, the top 8 Black insurance companies in 1925 held $141 million in policies, the equivalent of over $2 billion today. By 1973 one company, Atlanta Life Insurance, held over $346 million (also worth over $2 billion today). Black insurance agencies were once pillars of financial stability and the primary source of investment in Black neighborhoods. When banks told us no, Black insurance companies extended capital for mortgages and business loans. Integration and the federal government’s refusal to enforce anti-monopoly and fair trade laws policy largely wiped them out. In this post-George Floyd era, however, consumers are demanding change and doing so with their dollars. It’s time to bring back the Black insurance agencies. Not only does insurance equal protection and wealth for your family or business, it can also mean the advancement of an entire community. 

Small business owners: your business needs to be protected from whatever may come and a Black-owned agency has the knowledge to best advise you. In this COVID era, your family can’t afford to not protect each and every life. Insurance isn’t just for a bad day, it’s also a sure tool to build wealth if you have the right advisor. InsureBlack agents are eager to serve you and happy to advise you on what you need. Go to InsureBlack today and find a Black agency to protect your home, life, business, and everything that matters. It’s time to rebuild our wealth, find a Black agent today. 

Find a Black-Owned Insurance Agency on InsureBlack Today

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D'Juan Hopewell
D'Juan Hopewell
I care about Black Power. Period. Currently working on creating jobs and funding new startups on the South Side of Chicago and writing here and there at HopewellThought.com. Follow me @HopewellThought.
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