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Kaepernick Workout: Real Opportunity Or PR Move?

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This Saturday Colin Kaepernick will work out for several NFL teams. When news of the private workout in being held in Atlanta broke Tuesday afternoon it was met with universal excitement by all of his supporters.

It’s what we’ve wanted for the last three years — an opportunity for Colin to continue his life’s work and do what he loves. However, as details trickled in throughout the day, a level of skepticism started to creep in.

Bad Timing For Kaepernick

The NFL contacted Kaepernick’s representative’s Tuesday without any prior notice and told them the workout would be held Saturday in Atlanta. Colin’s agent asked if it could be pushed back to next Tuesday, which is the NFL’s off-day and when most teams hold workouts for free agents. 

The NFL not only denied their request, but told him he had two hours to accept the workout invitation or they would cancel it. Forcing the workout to be held Saturday creates an obvious conflict because teams that will be traveling or making final preparations for Sunday games.

There’s also controversy over what teams and executives will actually be in attendance. Most people feel as though the real decision makers for teams will simply be too busy to be there on such short notice. Kaepernick’s agent also said the NFL agreed via email to provide them a list of team personnel that will be in attendance, but the league has denied that claim and will not provide such a list.

The entire situation is odd. If a team wants to bring Colin in for a tryout they can invite him to their facility at any time. NFL sponsored workouts like this literally never happen.

Positive Takeaway 

At the end of the day we all want to see Kaep back in the league. Even given the disingenuous nature of the workout, this could in fact be the catalyst that leads to him coming back. It’s possible that teams have expressed interest to the NFL about Colin but want to work him out in a group setting to take the pressure off them.

Some are now suggesting that Jay-Z had something to do with the workout invitation. There’s a lot of mystery attached to the situation. Hopefully this helps Colin get back to doing what he loves doing. For now, we just have to wait and see. 

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