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Combat Gentrification with Black-owned Construction Company Mobu Enterprises

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Black-owned construction company Mobu Enterprises is changing the construction industry and giving investors like you the chance to combat gentrification.

Mobu Enterprises uses shipping containers to build everything from tiny and single-family homes to commercial high rises and does so in less than 30 days. These fire and waterproof structures are not only cheaper and easier to build than traditional buildings but also environmentally friendly – helping communities reduce their carbon footprint.

Mobu Enterprises is a 100% Black-owned company with a team that has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. They are ready to work with clients worldwide to build whatever dream home or commercial space you desire: cheaper, greener, and much safer than what’s currently on the market. 

The company was founded four years ago in 2018 by Jessica Lewis and Ibrahim Smith with the motto of ‘Save our community, Save our planet, by helping our customers and their future generations create green spaces that withstand the test of time.’ As a former project manager, Lewis noticed that most construction companies were purely for profit, not for the people despite having the resources to engage in outreach. 

In founding the company, Lewis and Smith wanted to make sure that their company could be more than just a construction company but also a resource for people, specifically Black people to learn more about land ownership and development.

“By becoming developers, we can shape or reshape how gentrification impacts us,” Lewis expressed. 

Mobu Enterprises has a federally registered green construction apprenticeship program. Through the program, the company seeks to create more jobs for our most underserved populations, ex-offenders, and veterans. Graduates of the program are fully prepared to take the exam that qualifies them to become general contractors within 2 years and will become partners as subcontractors upon graduation.

In addition to the apprenticeship, Mobu Enterprises also offers the “The Container Life” Masterclass which teaches people how to jump-start their real estate development career by leveraging Mobu Enterprises and its resources for all the work. 

You can also invest in Mobu Enterprises, where the be per project or development. 

For information on pricing and consultation visit Mobu Enterprises today and start building.

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