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Dab Kids Deodorant Helps Kids Fight Odor Without Harsh Chemicals

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In today’s health-focused marketplace, adults have a range of natural deodorants to choose from, but for children and teens, the options are far slimmer. Now, Black-owned, natural deodorant brand Dab Kids Deodorant has aluminum-free, vegan products with scents that young people will love to use and that keep smelly odor at bay all day.

Dab Kids Deodorant is aluminum-free and vegan and currently comes in six different scents: Pink Lemonade, Winter Mint, Ocean Mist, Strawberry, Coconut Almond, and Unscented. Dab Deodorant also has a subscription-based service that gives customers $2 off the original price of the deodorant. 

The business was started over a month ago by Najiyyah Ingram and her cousin Saeed. While the business is new, Dab Kids Deodorant is not Ingram’s first venture in the skincare business. She first began making skincare products in 2013.  

Ingram’s inspiration for starting Dab Deodorant is her late grandmother, who died of cancer in 2012. Her death prompted Ingram to research some of her grandmother’s products and what she was putting on her skin. She found that a lot of her grandmother’s products contained toxins and chemicals that had been linked to cancer. It was then that Ingram knew that she had to start making her own skincare products that were natural, safe, and toxin-free.

After starting her first business, Ingram’s cousin Saeed came to her with the idea of making a kid’s deodorant and Ingram loved the idea.

“Kids nowadays are growing up fast and starting to smell, so we know parents are buying them deodorant, so why not give them a healthier alternative,” Ingram emphasized. 

Ingram is not alone in her distrust of chemical-based body products. Traditional deodorants and the aluminum used in them to stop perspiration have long been criticized by natural health communities. Aluminum-based deodorants have been linked to conditions like breast cancer, kidney disease, and memory problems later in life. There is also anecdotal evidence that aluminum-based deodorants lead to other skin issues like irritation, boils, and rashes. 

“Sometimes, I feel that we as Black people can be a little ignorant when it comes to the things we put on our bodies. Everything eventually goes into the bloodstream, and we aren’t reading the labels to make sure these things are safe.” Ingram said. 

Try Dab Kids Deodorant today!

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