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#Day 22 – Meet 'GREEN HERBS & JUICE,' All Natural Jamaican Herbs and Detox Teas

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#WeBuyBlack28 — Day 22

Green Herbs & Juice

Green Herbs & Juice is an all natural Herb and Juice Company that believes healing oneself physically and mentally begins from the inside out. Many of the earliest civilizations believed that the key to this type of healing hinged largely on the use of herbs. Traditionally, Herbs would be used as medicine and detoxification and for everyday use against wrinkles, colds, infections, worms, purification and much more. In todays fast-paced society, we tend to forget that taking care of ourselves is fundamental to living a long and healthy life. These mighty leaves and plants are now making a comeback in the 21st century as today’s society is becoming more aware of their benefits. All of Green Herbs & Juice’s herbs are shipped to the company straight from Jamaica, no dropshipper, no factory, no proccessing plant. They are packed by Green Herbs & Juice’s personnel and not a machine. Visit the Green Herbs & Juice We Buy Black store HERE to Purchase their herbs in teas, capsules, baked goods or smoothies.

Herbal Soursop Ginger TeaTox (3 MEAL)

3 MEAL SUPPLY—Green Herbs and Juice Detox Tea is a ready made 16oz soursop tea for cleaning out the digestive system. Our Detox Tea ingredients include water, lemon, ginger, agave and jamaican soursop leaves. This mixture is very powerful and is often used in many cleanses.

Jamaican Herbal Gift Box

The Jamaican Gift Box includes (1) Jamaican Soursop Leaves (1) Jamaican Cerasee Bush (1) Jamaican Hibiscus Flower/ Sorrel (1) Green Juice and Herbs Chapstick (1) Cinnamon Stick (for flavoring) and (1) stainless steel tea strainer to get started. Instructions for tea are on each individual herb bag.

Bee Pollen

Health benefits of Green Herbs and Juice Bee Pollen includes boosting resistance to allergies and boosting energy. It can also be used as an immune system builder and can accelerate human growth. Bee Pollen is one of the few natural foods that contains ‘complete proteins’, high in antioxidants and B- vitamins.

Detox Water Bottle

The perfect water bottle for Detoxing! Take off the bottom container and you will find a space to juice your lemon, lime, orange etc. Holds 24 oz of liquid. Not for Hot Water. Perfect for those trying to drink more water!

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