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#Day 26 -Lifestyle Brand, GLITTER & GOON, Merges Black Excellence and Style

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#WeBuyBlack28–Day 26

[caption id="attachment_6194" align="alignright" width="181"]    Faheemah Salahud-Din, owner ‘Glitter & Goon’[/caption]

Glitter & Goon

Glitter & Goon, the brainchild of Faheemah Salahud-Din, is a lifestyle brand that empowers Black people, and even more specifically Black women. It merges history, self-pride, culture and art to make a definitive statement about her life and experiences as a Black woman. Glitter & Goon includes but it is not limited to t-shirts, accessories, and more recently her published collection of poems called ‘Ascension.’
Salahud-Din’s idea for Glitter & Goon was born when she began to design t-shirts for her non-profit organization First And Always Melanin.  It was then that she realized her talent for designing shirts and the  multitude of messages she wanted to share through design and imagery.
“That led me into making t-shirts that I would wear around town, and people would ask where I bought it and I would reply, ‘I made it myself’; and naturally, ‘Well do you sell them’ was their next question.”  — Faheemah Salahud-Din
 Glitter & Goon, whose name came from a rap verse that Salahud-Din wrote for her group’s monthly cypher, was officially launched on February 28, 2017. She details, “I can be soft and glittery but I am also a warrior woman who would not hesitate to protect my daughters and my family. I believe that all women have both all of these qualities whether they acknowledge them or not. And my brand exemplifies those sides of the divine feminine experience.”
  All of Glitter & Goon’s products are available on the company’s  We Buy Black marketplace page. Here are a few of Glitter & Goon’s incredible creations that you can purchase today:

For the Culture Gear

Glitter & Goon Totes

 Couple’s T-shirts


Laptop Sleeves

‘Ascension’ Book Release

Glitter & Goon’s brand is expanding with the addition of owner Faheemah Salahud-Din’s book of poetry, ‘Ascension,’ set to release in early April. Pre-order Your Copy HERE! Faheemah is also working on a collection of accessories that will accompany the book. STAY TUNED!

Connect With Glitter & Goon via Social Media




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