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#Day6: Black Publishing Company, 5D Media, Prepares Our Youth For Entrepreneurship

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Their Drive 5D Media is a multimedia publishing company created to provide a goal driven mindset to our youth. Their products are meant to entertain and educate the youth on important concepts, such as how to start a business and increasing self-worth. 5D Media believes there’s a need to properly educate and prepare our youth in a way that helps them reach their goals!

The Products

5D Media’s primary products are children’s books describing young girls who are following their dreams. This includes ‘I am a Dancer’, ‘A Doll Like Me’, and the activity book ‘Black Girl Boss’.   In ‘I am a Dancer’, the story centers around a young girl who wants to be a dancer and all of her subsequent adventures. In ‘A Doll Like Me’,  the main character goes through several steps to develop her own business. She witnesses her mom running her own business and wants to do the same. The underlying themes focus on consistency, persistence and ultimate successful entrepreneurship. ‘Black Girl Boss’,  is an activity book that follows the story from ‘A Doll Like Me’. All books can be purchased at webuyblack.com. For the month of February, you can purchase the books for 20% off ($7.95; The activity book is $5.95!) . You can also purchase artwork, business planners, and other accessories that go with the books, in the store.

The Author

While working for a business herself, Kimberly Gordon felt the urge to become an entrepreneur, and made it happen. Ten years later, she wanted to be able to teach her children, and others, how to become entrepreneurs and how to maintain the proper mindset for achieving this goal.  So Kimberley developed e-books and pamphlets to bring to schools and community centers, helping share those skills and tips she learned along the way. While doing this, she also realized how huge the need was to share these tools with the many kids in our community who would otherwise never receive them. She wanted to exposed to our youth to other avenues and thought patterns of reaching their goals. She is now the author of a two books and an activity book discussing the same things.

The Goals:

The goal of 5D Media has remained the same since 2013; to educate the youth and increase their awareness of business practices, and to prepare them for a future of business ownership. Next month, look for their next series of books that will focus on our young boys and their entrepreneurial dreams. They are also creating adult products of the same idea. Also, four new authors will be featured and included in their upcoming 2018 writings and publishings. In the video above, you can see a small clip of 5D Media’s vision in action. For more information, please check them out on social media:

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I Am a Dancer

A Doll Like Me


I Am a Dancer

A Doll Like Me

Black Girl Boss


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