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#Day15 Meet Grace Eleyae Inc., Provider of Women's Satin Hair Protection

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#WeBuyBlack28 — Day 15

Grace Eleyae – The Visionary

Grace Eleyae, founder and CEO of Grace Eleyae Inc., turned hair issues into an opportunity with her revolutionary Slap (satin-lined cap)®, satin pillowcases, satin scrunchies and more. Her silky, satin-lined items were created after a trip to Kenya turned into torture for her hair due to long-term exposure to the Kenyan heat. After 12-hours of her head bumping on the headrest, her hair become so damaged it completely broke off in the middle of her head. Grace wished there was a stylish and comfortable product that could have stopped this from happening. She saw her problem as a need for something new, which led her to her own company, personal brand and the next-generation of satin bonnets and products. From satin scrunchies to satin-lined baseball caps, Grace has become a savior for those looking to keep their locks in check while looking fly in the process. “I wanted to create something that women could wear to bed that was comfortable enough to wear and that had an elastic band so it stays on the head,” said Grace. “It looks stylish enough to wear out whether you’re going on a date night or want to dress it up or down. It compliments any outfit well!”

Grace Eleyae Inc. – The Vision

In February of 2014, the first prototype of the SLAP or Satin-Lined Cap was created. An immediate hit with friends and family, Grace Eleyae began selling the product on Etsy and by September 2014, decided to fully launch Grace Eleyae, Inc., a family-run Black owned business committed to promoting healthy, fashionable living by creating and distributing functional, fashionable and elegantly timeless products for the health of curly hair. The satin lining in Eleyae’s products keep hair moisturized, protected, and tangle-free when resting, and the elastic band in the Slap ensures it stays on your head no matter when you wear it. Its cotton knit exterior, available in a variety of beautiful colors, is a stylish alternative to standard hair wraps. Eleyae’s products also help multi- tasking women save time getting ready in the morning, and keep hair in place, moisturized and tangle-free.

Support The Vision

Grace Eleyae Inc. fulfills a need for women everywhere and provides them with confidence to conquer their worlds by offering solutions for the busy multi-taskers who want to look and feel confident while investing in being their best, most beautiful selves.

Learn more about Grace Eleyae Inc. or purchase products by CLICKING HERE.



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