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#Day17 – Chocolate Ancestor Gear & Accessories Promotes Black Culture & Expression

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#WeBuyBlack28 — Day 17

Chocolate Gear

What you wear says a lot about you. Your style can send out certain messages. And, if you’re ‘woke’, as they say and know your history, your ancestry and your roots, you need some real gear — some chocolate gear that sends the right message.

What Is Chocolate Ancestor?

[caption id="attachment_5714" align="alignright" width="225"]            Latoya Long, Owner[/caption] Chocolate Ancestor is an online retail company founded by two sisters, Latoya and Shametrius Long, in August of 2016. Located in Atlanta, GA, the Long sisters have big plans for their store. In the year and an half span that Chocolate Ancestor has been in business, they’ve added immensely to their inventory. The Long sisters first started with T-shirts and now have a wide array of merchandise with plans to open a few pop-up shops, boutiques, and stores within the next five years. So be on the lookout for those! But what sets Chocolate Ancestor apart from other retailers? Well, Owner/CEO Latoya Long said it best, “All of our items bring meaning, symbolism, and self-expression to Black culture spiritually and politically. We promote peace and love. Black love, love for self and community.” The products that you will find on Chocolate Ancestors standout because they send that ever important message; consciousness.


When you visit the Chocolate Ancestor website, the first thing you see is men’s and women’s shirts and sweaters that read, “Barack and Michelle Love.”  This shirt is definitely relevant given today’s political climate.


The absolute best merchandise on the website, however, are the bags. Ranging from convenient pouches to backpacks all the way up to fashionable handbags, Chocolate Ancestor is the place to shop. Whether you want a bag donning a Black Power fist against a red, black, and green background, or take it all the way back to the Motherland with a bag covered in Egyptian Hieroglyphics, the Long sisters ‘got you.’ Chocolate purse, bag, bags, purses, Pan African

Chocolate bag, bags, purse, purses, Egyptian Hieroglyphs


Aside from having some of the coolest and most fashionable articles of clothing, this site has caps spotlighting the Eye of Ra, coffee mugs (both standard and travel), notebooks, mousepads, bed throws with Malcolm X’s face on them, shower curtains with Nefertiti on them, and bath mats and beach towels with the Pan-African flag on them. You could seriously spend hours on the Chocolate Ancestor page.

Chocolate shower curtain, afro, shower, curtain, butterfly

Learn more about Chocolate Ancestor or purchase their products HERE.

or visit https://www.chocolateancestor.com

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