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HomeBuying Black#Day19: Tubman Battery, 1st Black-Owned Battery Company, Launches In Black History Month

#Day19: Tubman Battery, 1st Black-Owned Battery Company, Launches In Black History Month

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#WeBuyBlack28 — Day 19

Tubman Battery

Tubman Battery, a Black owned battery company, has recently released their first product. This pack includes four 2600 mAh AA rechargeable batteries and a compatible wall charger. As advertised on their website, Tubman battery has a significantly higher capacity than many of the known named brand battery products on the current market, while offering a comparatively low price rate. The name Tubman immediately brings to mind a true American hero and abolitionist, Harriet Tubman.

The Vision & Purpose

When asked about this name, the founder Shareef Abdul-Malik, also founder of We Buy Black said, “one day at our office, students who were a part of our youth entrepreneurship group were busy packaging products preparing them for shipment. They were loudly discussing girls, sports, and the latest clothing fashion trends. I sort of got frustrated with them and said, ‘Listen, please don’t speak about anything else unless it’s concerning ideas to help build our community. Everything we look at has been produced by another people, we have to get back to producing things for the world. Therefore, please don’t say anything unless it’s an idea for a new product.” After a few shouts of product ideas, Shareef finally heard one that he thought could be an excellent product. “Who said that?” Shareef asked, excited of what he’d thought he heard. “Who said Batteries?” One of his students replied, “I said it. We should have our own battery. I never seen a Black owned battery company.” Shareef rushed to his white board, called in all the students, and began their process of idea formulation.

Harriet Tubman

The name, design, and branding concepts for Tubman Battery were formed, all within 30 minutes. “Let’s call it Bolt, like Usain Bolt”, “No, Let’s call it light speed.” Shareef interrupted the students as they were shouting various names, “who do you all know in human history that displayed more energy, more drive, more willpower than anyone else? Harriet Tubman. She helped lead hundreds of our people to freedom traveling from the south to the north, through the woods and under extreme harsh conditions.” The students loved the name Tubman and wanted to honor this American icon by naming a product after her that represented some of her best qualities.

Product Features:

1. Ultra high capacity NiMH (nickel metal hydride) rechargeable battery 2. Exact replacement for standard battery in all the devices 3. Provides extended use time per charge with this ultra high capacity 4. Advanced NiMH technology providing longer life usage per charge than the ordinary rechargeable         battery 5. Can be recharged up to 1,200 times, providing ultimate savings by replacing hundreds of throw away 6. Convenient operation without memory effect and can be charged at anytime 7. Can be rapidly charged with any quick charger, smart charger, plug-in charger or universal charger.
Tubman Battery plans to expand its line with more products and to utilize part of their proceeds to help with research in energy efficiency, alternative energy, and lowering our carbon footprint. Tubman Battery has the potential to be as big as Energizer or Duracell and appears to have overwhelming support from the Black community so far. “We plan to expand this line to become a household name and to help provide our youth with more jobs and training in fields such as energy efficiency.” Shareef continues, “There are many ways to pay homage to our ancestors legacy, and here is one way. Our goal with WeBuyBlack.com is to inspire our community to help create everything we want and need. We pray that our community and the world will support this new venture and this movement until the future we want for our children comes to fruition.” To purchase your pack of Tubman batteries, click here or go to TubmanBattery.com.

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