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HomeBuying Black#Day5: Meet Exact Shave: Black Owned Disposable Razor Company!

#Day5: Meet Exact Shave: Black Owned Disposable Razor Company!

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#WeBuyBlack28 — Day 5

Meet Exact Shave: Black Owned Disposable Razor Company!


“If it is a product that we consume, a member of community should be creating it!”

-Rashad Abdul-Rahmaan


Exact Shave

Exact Shave is the first Black owned disposable razor company!  It was founded in November of 2017 by Rashad Abdul-Rahmaan with the help of Malik Saleem (owner of True Detergent).  The company’s main goal is to provide jobs for our people and help us become self sufficient.  When you buy an Exact Shave razor, instead of another brand,  you are helping to support this goal.  Currently, the company only sells an Exact Shave Disposable Razors 5-Pack for $6.00 but is looking into expanding.  Throughout the month of February, if you purchase two 5-packs, shipping will be free! [caption id="attachment_5008" align="aligncenter" width="198"]First Black Owned Disposable Razor Company Click here to purchase now![/caption]


Rashad Abdul-Rahmaan’s dream is for Exact shave to become a household brand.  While his product only comes in the colors black and green now,  he plans on rolling out some new ones this year.  In addition to that, Mr. Rashad wants to start selling shaving cartridges and shaving cream that has good smells.  When he expands, this will undoubtedly help him create more jobs for our people.

Mission to Have Positive Economic Impact

Rashad Abdul-Rahmaan wants to make it clear that he is not just going into business to make money but to change Black lives.  He believes we have to become economically self-sufficient.  While the unemployment rate for us has been trending downward, it is still higher than that of other communities.  Mr. Rashad wants to hire more Blacks as his operation expands to help lower the unemployment rate even more.  If you are not convinced yet, watch Shareef Abdul Malik from We Buy Black make the case for Exact Shave below!



Call to Action

Go support Exact Shave by purchasing a 5-pack of razors.  If you truly support the Black community, now is the time to invest in us!  What better way to invest a small portion of your upcoming tax refund?  I will leave you with some words from Brother Malcolm X to ponder.  Malcolm X made the power of buying Black plain in his ‘The Ballot or The Bullet’ speech.  While explaining the economic philosophy of Black nationalism, he said, “To educate our people into the importance of knowing that when you spend your dollar out of the community in which you live the community in which you spend your money becomes richer and richer; the community out of  which you take your money becomes poorer, and poorer.”  I am sure he would support We Buy Black  & Exact Shave if he were alive today!

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