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#Day9 Meet This Black Woman Holistically Healing Black Bodies

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#WeBuyBlack28 — Day 9

Holistic Heights

Holistic Heights might be the most important company I could tell you about. We all have different dreams and ambitions but what is constant is a need for health to attain them. Holistic Heights treats the whole person, addressing aspects of our diet, lifestyle and environmental factors that contribute to illness. We are all unique and thus the company works with its clients to find the unique solutions that we each need in order to live in holistic wellness. We only get one body in life. We have make our health a priority and Holistic Heights is the company that can help you maximize it.

Committed To Healing

If you develop a virus a doctor might prescribe medicine but what about that toxic dating relationship that is sickening you? Have you considered the impact of stress from your job or how that daily cup of coffee interacts with your body, given your family’s health history? When is the last time you talked to someone about your health and received the personal attention you need in order to identify impediments to wellness and solutions to remove them? Holistic Heights offers personal health coaching to tailor a holistic wellness program just for you. Whether you need to improve your relationships or change your diet, Holistic Heights will guide you.

Amazing, Natural Products

Fellas have you noticed a drop off in your sexual virility? You could pop a Viagra but have you considered how the loss of zinc is impacting you? Ladies have you thought about how the loss of iron during menstrual periods impacts your libido? Would you like to boost your metabolism and have more energy? You might also consider the harmful, toxic impact of certain metallic elements in our bloodstream that we need to rid the body of. All of these common concerns can be addressed by one of the oldest and most natural remedies available — sea moss. Holistic Heights sells this ancient wonder in a convenient smoothie blend (they offer several varieties). Sea moss can also reduce mucus, improve the health of your hair, skin and nails. My grandmother and grandfather died with diabetes. I wish they’d known that diabetics in the Amazon region have long utilized Soursop, a rainforest plant, to stabilize blood sugar. Indigenous people from the Amazon jungle have long used Soursop to treat everything from asthma, high blood pressure, depression and liver problems, to name a few. Holistic Heights Soursop Tea Leaves to help you heal from the inside. As a longtime allergy sufferer, I am looking forward to using it the rest of the winter in preparation for the spring allergy season. The tea also supports heart function and healthy weight management. The company’s best seller is their Mouth Spa Tooth Powder. It is an all natural product that whitens teeth, reduces tartar and plaque, kills bacteria, helps heal bleeding gums and reduce inflammation — all without the harmful chemicals that are found in your toothpaste. Have you ever stopped to read the ingredients in your toothpaste? You should. Most likely there are a host of harmful chemicals that you can’t even pronounce. Holistic Health’s Mouth Spa Tooth Powder is natural, effective and formulated for healing.

The Woman

Nadra Rae gave years of her life to Verizon in her native New York City, working hard at her desk job and watching everyone around her become more sick. Nadra and her son would soon become just like the many sick people around her — after 9/11 she and her son developed severe asthma and eczema. Nadra pulled on her roots as the great-grandchild of an indigenous healer from Grenada. That journey to wellness taught her a great deal about holistic health and she wanted to give that gift back to others. Holistic Health was born from Nadra’s own challenges and journey of self discovery. Now she would like us all to trust ourselves enough to tap into our own power and inner wellness, from the inside.


Support Holistic Health

You only get one body. You only get one mind. Our health is essential and we need every aspect of our lives aligned in order to have our best life. Allow Holistic Health to consult with you to tailor a personalized health journey. Visit their site to purchase some of the amazing products that will help you move toward holistic health, naturally. There is no shortage of companies that can sell us things. Holistic Health is offering total wellness and that, money simply can’t buy.


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