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Dear # 45, I Came From a “sh*thole country"….and I'm Extremely Proud of It!

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Dear #45, As a proud native of Nairobi, Kenya I will take some time to educate you on the historical achievements of the African continent. Arguably the most peaceful, resourceful, diverse, and resilient continent as any. A continent that European countries have exploited for centuries yet have the audacity to ask why Africa is a “developing” nation. Scientifically and historically known as the birthplace of humankind, Africa is by far the oldest continent and because of this its inhabitants have the most human genetic diversity. So yes, # 45, even you can unfortunately trace your White supremacist genes back to this beautiful continent. Enter Ethiopia, one of the two African countries which have not been under European colonization. Ethiopia defeated Italy in the Battle of Adwa in 1935-36. Yes, a sh*thole country’s sh*thole Army defeated a huge European power. And not only that, Ethiopia was among the first independent nations to sign the Charter of the United Nations giving moral and material support to the decolonization of Africa and Pan-African cooperation. From this, the creation of the African Union and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa resulted, both of which have their headquarters in Addis Ababa.  Enter Mali, pre-colonial times, because yes, Africa existed and thrived before European countries. During the 13th and 16th centuries, Mali was one of the dominant powers in West Africa. It had 50% of the WORLD’s salt production. It was the largest gold producer of the world and constituted over half the world’s gold production during the period. The Mali Empire grew enormously wealthy as a consequence. Mansa Musa, the ruler of Mali at this time is known as the richest man in history amassing a wealth of $400 billion. In 1324, he led a pilgrimage to Mecca, carried by camels, dressed in Persian silks, carrying golden staves, and 136kg of gold dust. With his generous spirit, Musa gave away his gold to the poor on his journey as well as to the cities of Medina and Cairo. So much so that his charity led to the inflation of gold in the entire region!  Now let’s look at the current exploitation of the resource rich continent while keeping in mind the exploitation of Black bodies during the slave trade that ultimately lead to the economic prowess of North America. International corporations and foreign nations have historically made deals with corrupt leaders of Africa for US dollars. The corruption of these money hungry leaders has led to the economic rape of Africa; a land rich in oil, uranium, copper, gold, platinum, tin, diamonds, timber, export-based agriculture, bio-fuels, biodiversity, land and people. A single old-growth tree from the rain forests of Africa can be worth more than $20,000 on the world market. It really makes you wonder what economic, political and social power Africa would possess if whiteness would just let it be.    So, # 45, should I mention the fact that Africa boasts the highest population increase out of any continent further showing the resiliency of its people or that its Nigerian immigrants attain the highest level of education even out of White and Asians, and account for the most Black doctors in the nation? No, I won’t go into that. Instead, I hope you can comprehend the point (probably not) of this article. The point being that you should be eternally grateful for the generous contributions of these “sh*thole” people who you continually disrespect and disregard. It’s our contributions which have allowed you to become the “leader” of this nation.]]>

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