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#WellnessWednesday: Why Meditation Is Important For Black People

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meditation is overrated, unnecessary or some concept made up to make us believe that we can heal ourselves? Tell us, do you meditate? Have you ever tried it? What do you think of when you hear the word “meditation?” Or maybe you just do not how to meditate or haven’t had time to find out more about meditation? Okay okay, ATTENTION REQUIRED! Right, our beautiful sunkissed selves can overcome anything We are stronger than anything, Agree? We are too blessed to be stressed, no doubt Do you realize that your mental state influences everything in your life?  Oh yes! You surely do! Do not let stress, worries, frustration, negative thoughts or a bad mood get in the way of your day or anything. It takes less than 5 or 10 min to get yourself together! Meditation may be one the keys you are missing.

What? Why? When and how?

Meditation is a state of awareness and consciousness that transforms the patterns of the mind. By engaging in meditation, you develop more positive ways of being. You improve your concentration, clarity, and you increase your emotional positivity. Meditation can be the solution to personal issues like stress, hatred, depression, anxiety, fear and confusion. There is no specific or best time to meditate.
  • Find a spot where you feel comfortable. You can meditate sitting or laying down, try not to fall asleep . You can use music or sound or plain silence.
  • Once set, close your eyes and bring awareness to your body by allowing yourself to relax. No rush, take your time to enjoy the process of relaxing.
  • Pay attention to your breathing without controlling it. Feel yourself inhaling and exhaling.
  • While doing this, some thoughts will arise, do not react to them, try to enjoy the stillness, the inner getaway.
  • Be patient with yourself, be consistent with this pattern, and you will see the outcome. The mind will thank you later!
YOUR THOUGHTS DESIGN YOUR LIFE. YOUR MIND IS YOUR POWERFUL, TAKE GREAT CARE OF IT. MEDITATION IS FREE AND EFFORTLESS. MEDITATE AND PROTECT YOUR PEACE OF MIND. It will take you less than 10 sec to send this to your brother, your sister, your mama, your queen, your king, your cousin, your aunt, your pastor and so on.. Sharing is caring!  ]]>

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