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This Black Owned Company Makes “The Most Refreshing Drink On Earth”

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Collective wisdom says that when you’re making a drink from a powder or liquid mix, you’re probably going to need to “hook it up” and add some extra sugar or water or something else to get it just right. Well, believe it or not, one company has put an end to “hooking up” your drink or having to ask, “who made the lemonade?”

Delicious Beverage is a family-owned business that sells tea and lemonade mix, as well as a line of all natural, fruit-flavored syrups — and they promise you don’t need to add anything to make these drinks the best you’ve ever had.

The brand’s primary beverage offerings are its Instant Sweet Tea and Instant Lemonade. For those who want a little extra flavor, Delicious Beverage offers a suite of flavored syrups that blend well with their tea and lemonade, and contain all-natural ingredients. Unlike many other brands of flavored syrup, Delicious Beverage’s syrups are made with real fruit and are vegan friendly and gluten free, with no high fructose corn syrup.

Team Delicious Beverage: (L-R) Jerica, Aja, Rohm, Fannie Mae, Al, Tigris, Londun

Based in Long Beach, California, Delicious Beverage is the passion project of entrepreneur Al Rem and his family. Together with his wife Fannie Mae and their five children, Jerica, Aja, Rohm, Tigris, and Londun, Delicious Beverage is building an entrepreneurial legacy of family and community.

“The [entrepreneurship] bug got planted in me from my dad. He always told me stories about growing up in the South and how they weren’t allowed to go to white stores, so Black people had to do their own thing,” he said. “ That planted the seed for me.”

Delicious Beverage started as a concessions company and the family logged thousands of hours selling their Sweet Tea and Lemonade at local outdoor events like festivals, concerts and farmers markets before pivoting toward retail. Rem says the family’s long-term vision was always to create retail products, and a blessing in disguise called COVID-19 helped them finally take the leap toward launching their bottled products.

“The coronavirus gave us an opportunity to make the shift from outdoor events to putting the final touches on the retail product. Normally, during this season, we would be in the middle of a long grind of doing outdoor events, but this was a blessing in disguise.” Ren told WeBuyBlack.

Since making the move to retail, Rem and Fannie Mae are handling marketing and the administrative tasks connected to running the business, while the kids are working on fulfillment and social media.

From the beginning, Rem says he and his family were on a mission to create a successful and profitable retail brand that anyone could duplicate.

“We felt like, if we can get our kids making money, then anyone should be able to do it,” Ren said.

Not only is Delicious Beverage Black-owned and family-run, the products are manufactured by another one of Ren’s companies, Black Manufacturing. After over ten years of entrepreneurship and many failures under his belt, for Rem, these businesses are a dream come true.

“With every failure I learned something new, Rem said. “I have had billion dollar ideas that I could not bring to fruition because I lacked the resources to get them off the ground. Today I stand poised to make it happen.”

Delicious Beverage Company Website: https://deliciousbeverage.com/
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