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HomeEntertainmentDerrick Rose gets Addidas to pay his family and friends; Salute!

Derrick Rose gets Addidas to pay his family and friends; Salute!

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The details include, 250-350,000 for his brother, and between 50-75,000, for his best friend. Although they weren’t ‘shooting with him in the gym’, that’s how you take care of family. Black people in all areas of sports, entertainment, and most things that the dominant society can take advantage of, are heavily sought after. Praying for reparations for 400 years of slavery isn’t good enough. We have to start making incredibly smart and calculated moves that positively impact our poor and disenfranchised. Income inequality in Black America is at an all time high. In the negotiating room, get everyone paid. Negotiate for your parents, your siblings, your friend, heck your childhood neighbor. Do it for the culture. Great Job Derrick Rose.]]>

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