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Keep Clean and Stay Safe with Black-Owned Surface Cleaner Derx Wipes

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In today’s world, starting a company that sells surface cleaners and disinfectants seems like a no brainer. But for the owner of Derx Wipes, Nukeyia Pearson, the idea to start her own line of cleaning products started way before COVID-19 swept across the world last year. 

Pearson says the idea was something she was sitting on for quite awhile, waiting for the right time to launch. So, in 2020 when the world started to lock down and and local communities started experiencing shortages of household cleaning products, she knew it was finally time to bring her idea to market. 

“I wanted to make a cleaning supply brand for my community. I got the idea before COVID, but when COVID hit, that’s when I went live with selling the product.”

Derx Wipes is a family-owned line of naturally scented surface cleaners which includes sprays and disposable wipes. The wipes come in 100 count jars and bear scents like lavender, lemon, tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, and orange. The wipes and sprays also contain no harsh chemicals and can be used on any surface.  

Pearson said that when it came to initial sales, she made a strategic decision to sell out her first couple of runs of the product to family and friends in her local community. The initial batch of reviews was amazingly overwhelming, Pearson said. Reviewers commented on the product’s enlivening scents, with a few finding that the spray cleans dirty stovetops exceptionally well.

“I did my test run on family members first, then I went live. I think it was about 25 hours before family and friends sold out the first batch. 

Derx Wipes owners, (l to r) Nukeyia Pearson and Derrick Pearson

When designing how the brand would look, the company wanted to make sure that when you pick up a package of Derx Wipes, you know that this product is Black-owned. To achieve that goal, Pearson’s husband, Derrick Pearson, found a Black graphic designer to create the Derx logo that features a Black child, stating that , “We want to keep it black as possible.”

While they’re still working on becoming well known in Black households across the country, Derx Wipes is happy to be a well-known part of their local community. 

“Derx is a family brand, and a brand for everyone, created with passion and love for the community. To me, a win for me is a win for us all. This brand is a legacy for everybody,” Nukeyia Pearson said. 

Shop Derx Wipes here. 

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