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Doctors Said This Dry Skin Condition Had No Cure, This Black Woman Proved Them Wrong

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Imagine if your skin was so dry and flaky that it literally looked like fish scales. That was Mireille Pascal’s everyday. She had what is known as ichthyosis, a family of about 20 skin conditions that lead to dry skin and scaling. She was teased growing up and as an adult, wondered what it felt like to show off her legs, just like any other woman on a warm day. Medical professionals will tell you that there is hardly any cure for ichthyosis, but they would be wrong. Mireille Pascal found a solution to her woes and now her products are helping others. If Mireille Pascal products can defy such a tough skin condition, imagine what they can do for you. 

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In skincare you get what you pay for. With Mireille Pascal products you’re paying for years of research into how to heal the most elusive of skin conditions, and the Founder’s obsession with premium quality. Mireille Pascal products use only natural oils, no water. Why? Sebum is an oily, waxy substance produced by the body to moisturize and protect the skin, and oil is the closest compound to it. Mireille Pascal products are different because of the company’s commitment to oleothereapy; meaning they use oils to heal the skin, internally and externally. 

Mireille Pascal’s skin treatment, Shi Intense, is a proprietary formula made of shea butter and carefully selected emollients; infused with essential oils necessary to restore moisture. It hydrates and softens, making the skin supple, healthy and radiant. Black Shi, a body mask, is designed with a potent blend that includes pure shea butter, plantain antioxidants, and sea minerals. It is a powerful night treatment to detoxify, repair, nourish, strengthen and moisturize the skin. Mireille Pascal also offers aromatherapy through their Relaxation Bath, made with salts and clay to provide relaxation through detoxification and pain relief. Every product Mireille Pascal offers was developed over many years of meticulous research — the type that only comes as a result of personal experimentation. 

Mireille was the only person she knew with ichthyosis and there was never a day that she wasn’t conscious of it. She was born and raised in West Africa to parents who were both school teachers. Growing up her parents noticed the excessively dry skin on her legs — it was so bad that during the cold season, it would flake off in patches. Her father researched solutions and even took her to dermatologists, but nothing worked. After the passing of her father, she refused to give up. While earning a Masters in African Studies, she diligently continued her research. 

Mireille’s life had taken a series of exciting turns, including working as a teacher and for the USAID. But one thing remained unchanged — she was still self-conscious about exposing her legs.

As a working woman, Mireille was often in front of people and her appearance was of the utmost importance. Like any other woman, she yearned for the freedom to wear a skirt or shorts on a warm day. She was very passionate about finding a solution to heal the skin on her legs, once and for all. She tried expensive skincare brands but they had too much water — after applying, her legs were again ashy. Mireille worked, researched and experimented until she found a breakthrough. She made products with pure, organic shea butter and unadulterated oils. Mireille made a line of products that truly healed her when hope for a solution looked bleak. Now Mireille Pascal is committed to bringing that same healing to others, through her unique and luxurious skin and body care line. Click here to shop Mireille Pascal.

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D'Juan Hopewell
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