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Upgrade Your Summer Wardrobe With Duce Valor

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Fashion is in our DNA. From the Black designers whose clothes have graced runways around the world, to the young people who set and create trends, Black creativity has always been the engine of the fashion industry. 

If you have a strong sense of style and regularly shop (or wish you could shop) designer brands like Amiri, Louis Vuitton, or Heron Preston, then you need to get into Duce Valor — the newest and hottest Black-owned luxury streetwear brand out of New York. 

Duce Valor sells modern streetwear staples like snapback caps, designer tees, hoodies, and track sets. The brand offers styles in a range of colors and styles — from the bold and colorful, to the classic blacks, blues and whites. The line carries mostly menswear at the moment, but they are planning to launch more women’s offerings soon. 

The name Duce Valor means a combination of leadership and bravery — two attributes embodied by owner and visionary behind the brand Roy Floyd. An electrician by trade, Floyd always had an eye for fashion and detail, and he says he finally felt inspired to launch his clothing business in October 2020. 

Duce Valor owner Roy Floyd

“I always wanted to become an entrepreneur,” Floyd said. “The recent pandemic taught me to become my own boss and act with my best interest when it comes to income. Plus I wanted to do something that I have passion for.”

Floyd runs Duce Valor with Mike, his business partner and friend that he met while doing electrical work. The two bonded over a mutual love of fashion and a shared entrepreneurial spirit. Once they got organized, the two hired a marketing agent and a trained fashion designer so they could make sure their designs were better than the average. 

“We watch trends, but we add our own spin to things. That’s what differentiates Duce Valor from everyone else. A lot of start up brands buy in bulk and slap a label on it. Everything at Duce Valor is cut and sewn.”

With Duce Valor, Floyd is responding to a need in the market and responding creatively. But for him, his mission is about more than just fashion. He wants his high quality designs and business success to show other Black people that their dreams are worth pursuing. 

“The whole idea for me starting this brand is to inspire everyone to go after their dreams. A lot of us just always have ideas and never fulfill them because we don’t have enough money or we don’t think it will work, when it’s just really about being consistent and starting.”

Buy Duce Valor here. 

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