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Enhance Your Life With Coach Lo and TalkOnTopicz

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In this new year, we are all looking to improve ourselves for the better, but achieving those resolutions we committed to can seem impossible without the right tools and mindset. Coach Lo of TalkOnTopicz is here to help be a trusted accountability partner and source of motivation when it comes to making changes for the better. 

Coach Lo is focused on inspiring women and men to heal and take control of their lives, using the power of mindset and spirituality. After going through a rough patch of her own due to a challenging divorce, Lo started the business to help others rediscover themselves just as she had. Her business, TalkOnTopicz, is a resource for self-improvement and development, offering classes, videos, and other materials to help you through your journey to a more positive, fulfilled life. 

“I was stuck for about five years repeating unhealthy patterns and dating the wrong people. And then I found a solution,” Lo said.

Lo’s solution consisted of rebuilding her relationship with God and restructuring her life with standards and boundaries. These changes led her to attract a new partner and bring the ‘zest’ and purpose back into her life. Lo understands the effects of trauma on one’s self-image and life outlook and wants to help Black people heal and build themselves into the strong men and women they were born to be.  

“I think it is important for Black people to reframe our thinking and restructure our lives so that we may be at peace, especially in a world that robs it from us on a daily basis,” Lo said.

Besides TalkOnTopicz classes, videos and mentoring Lo has recently published her book, The Journey: My Road To Self Alchemy. The book details Lo’s journey to self-discovery and acceptance, and gives readers the blueprint to her healing. The book offers tools for personal development and self-reflection like meditation and mindfulness. Lo says she wrote this book in hopes that it would help women who are still dealing with the painful aftershocks of a divorce or the ending of an unhealthy relationship. 

“My book is really for urban women looking for healing from the everyday trauma of relationships and who want to create a life that is purposeful,”  Lo emphasized. 

Buy The Journey: My Road To Self Alchemy Today and start your healing.

If you are interested in Coach Lo’s services, check out this video and visit Talk on Topicz Today!

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