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EntreVest Is Helping Black People Invest Their Way to Wealth

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EntreVest founder Assata Moore is not your typical financial guru. Forget the image of a greying elder, spouting traditional platitudes about wealth building. Moore is closer to your cool auntie that encourages you to invest in Bitcoin, start a CBD business, and wants you to rethink your decision to enroll in college. 

Her business, EntreVest, is an online platform with virtual classes on topics like real estate investing, credit repair, and investing in cryptocurrency. According to Moore, EntreVest is all about teaching “black people how to invest and build generational wealth, because that’s where our power and our respect lie.”

Moore’s former career was in education, teaching advanced mathematics classes to young Black students in Chicago. While she enjoyed engaging with young people, she began to become disillusioned with the education system.

“They don’t believe in Black children,” she remarked about her decision to leave the field. 

But instead of wallowing in the disappointment she felt, Moore began pouring her attention into a second passion of hers — real estate investing. 

“The whole time I was teaching, I was investing,” she said. “Now I live off my investments.”

Moore in 2017

 From her success with real estate, Moore retired from her job as an educator at 41 and is now on a mission to make sure Black people have the information necessary to make smart money moves.

“The number one reason for the wealth gap is because of home ownership,” she said. “The course that I recommend [for people interested in real estate investing] is The Action Packed  Real Estate Investing course.”

The course walks you through several essentials of real estate investing and generating income with multi-unit properties — and it includes action items for students to complete, because Moore wants her courses to be more than just lectures. 

In addition to real estate, Moore has extensive experience investing in cryptocurrency — something she says Black people should take advantage of now, before we’re priced out. 

“If you can imagine being able to invest back in the 90’s when Apple and Google were getting started … that’s where we are now with crypto.”

While Moore seems completely smitten with investing, she still maintains that educating youth is still her number one priority. That spirit of guiding Black youth toward making smart financial decisions informs her course “An Alternative to College”. Moore is a strong believer that college is not for everyone and laments the fact that many Black students go to college without a plan for how they will translate their degree into money after graduation — leaving them four years behind in terms of wealth creation.  

“What I’m finding is that a large number of students that go off to college are coming home worse off than if they didn’t go to college. In particular, if they don’t pick a significant major. Many of them don’t need to be there because they are creating an economic hole for themselves,” she said. “We don’t have our young people majoring in fields of the future.”

Moore proposes that Black families sit down with young people and come up with a wealth plan and consider alternative fields, like computer programming, that provide high earning potential without a four-year degree.  

“We need to be more intentional about helping direct the lives of our young people,” she said. “We can’t rely on the public education system to give them the knowledge and wisdom that they need. We need to do a better job as elders and community leaders in making sure our children have a bright future.”

EntreVest Company Website: https://mooreloveinvestments.teachable.com/

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