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Every Black Child Can Travel in Style With Melanated Designs

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If you’re looking for clothes and luggage for kids that feature Black children and celebrate Black joy, Melanated Designs is the perfect brand for you.

Melanated Designs believes in the beauty of every Black child — and their unique swimsuits and luggage designs reflect that. Their fun, unique products are perfect for adding a pop of culture to any child’s wardrobe or vacation packing list. Plus, they’re durably made to withstand all of the adventures your little one will go on. 

“Black Children don’t have a lot of products that represent and were made for them,” owner Rochelle Scavella expressed.

The brand was founded two years ago by Scavella who is an avid traveler. During her travels, she noticed the lack of representation for Black children when it came to the clothes, accessories, and items they use. Melanated Designs was born out of Scavella’s desire to combine her love for travel and her passion to produce positive images for Black children.

It is so important for Black children to see themselves reflected in products because non-diverse representation can be extremely harmful and cause self-doubt and hate. According to Thrive Global, “when characters who resemble us are portrayed in a positive context, we are empowered with the knowledge that we also can be those positive things,”

All of the brand’s products have been inspected extensively and have passed with flying colors. The luggage is free from any harmful chemicals and the swimsuits are made in the USA, so you can be sure of the quality. Scavella has put a lot of work into making sure she presents the best quality products on the market.

The brand’s best-sellers are the Little Girls Princess Luggage, and the Mermaid swimsuits. Melanated Designs has products for both boys and girls and is planning on adding more items in the near future, so there is something for every Black child.

We want to make sure our brand meets the quality you come to expect with fair pricing,” Scavella emphasized. 

Shop Melanated Designs today! 

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