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Experience a New Way of Writing With Curva Pen

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Curva Pen is an elegant, revolutionary, new take on the ink pen – 100% designed, invented, and patented by a Black inventor.

More than just another writing instrument, Curva Pen boasts an ergonomic design that fixes a wide range of writing challenges for both right and left-handed people. The pen’s high-quality ink dries quickly and doesn’t smudge – plus the thin, .4 mm tip makes it the perfect tool for writing, sketching, and drawing.

“There is no similar writing instrument in the market today. Curva Pen is an elegant, ergonomic way to more controlled and comfortable writing. On top of all that, it is fun to use!” said inventor and owner Clarence Parker.

Instead of the traditional mechanics of standard pens, Curva Pen utilizes a strong, elongated tip with a curvature to deliver ink onto the page. This patented design element is a favorite for left-handed people since its design enables them to view their writing as they go. The ergonomic design is also helpful for people who suffer from medical conditions such as tremors, arthritis, or any other issues that affect hand mobility. Overall, this innovative shift in pen design allows the writer to have better mobility, visibility, and penmanship.

Curva Pen was designed with the following goals:

• Best pen for writing
• Best quick drying ink
• Best pen for journaling
• Best pen for lefties
• Best ergonomic pen for people with medical conditions
• Best pen for students and notetaking
• Best fine-point (.4mm)
• Best pen for artist sketch contouring and shading lines

Curva Pen inventor, Clarence Parker

This revolutionary product is the brainchild of Clarence Parker, a network engineer who had an idea to help writers and artists all over the world to have more precise control, visibility, and comfort while writing and drawing.

“I’m always thinking of new and better ways of doing things. On that particular day, I was in my office, using a dental tool on my kid’s teeth. While holding the tool in my hand and then putting it to paper, I thought, ‘It would be wonderful if I could write with this,'” Parker said.

Parker began to think of what strong metals and other materials could be used, and also how to bend them to make the curved tip for writing. He began researching medical syringe needles thinking that if he could find a way to bend a needle perfectly, he might be able to make this work.

After experimenting with different gauge needles, he finally figured out the right combination and how to bend them properly. To learn more about how pens work, he went to an office supply store and purchased every pen type in stock. He spent days taking apart countless pens researching how they worked and how ink flowed. With ink-stained fingertips and many tries of deconstructing and reconstructing pens, he finally made a prototype that worked. Once Clarence nailed down his design, he began the process of getting a patent for the pen’s nib and then looking for a manufacturer who could not only produce his product but also a pen body.

Curva Pen is ready for production, but they need help, and they’re asking our community to show out with overwhelming support for their Kickstarter campaign.

“This pen is not a concept or an idea, but a real product with real testimonials that is ready to go. All we need is the backing,” Parker explained.

The Kickstarter campaign launches today, May 31st, 2022, and the business has just 30 days to meet its funding goal. You can pledge anywhere from $25 to $200 to receive Curva Pen as a pledge gift. Visit the Kickstarter today and be one of the first to receive this historic Black invention.

Support the Curva Pen Kickstarter Today!

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