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Faché Apparel Manufacturing Is Changing the Face of Fashion

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Like many large industries, fashion apparel manufacturing is a tough industry to crack. But after navigating the terrain by creating his own fashion line, Faché Couture, Atlanta designer James Jordan [Boygorgeous] launched his own production house, Faché Apparel Manufacturing — and he is lowering the barriers to entry with a full suite of affordably priced services. 

Faché Apparel Manufacturing founder James Jordan [Boygorgeous]

Faché Apparel Manufacturing is the first Black-owned, full-service apparel manufacturer in the entire U.S. The company offers services covering all aspects of apparel manufacturing, including, embroidery, heat transfer, vinyl printing, dye sublimation embellishment, and product photography. They can even make custom fabric. 

“I saw the need for change and I created change,” Jordan said of his innovative new business. “When I started doing my clothing line, I was documenting my process, and I thought, ‘Why don’t I offer this to other designers and the public?’ I like to be the change that I want to see in the world.” 

Through documenting the birth of his clothing line, Jordan realized that turnaround times at most manufacturing companies were far too slow. The companies were also largely located overseas in places like China, meaning that if an incorrect order shipped and made it all the way to the U.S., he would have a difficult time rectifying the issue in a timely manner, or at all, in some cases. But although he was frustrated, Jordan knew he wasn’t the only one feeling the squeeze of the apparel manufacturing world. 

Armed with a dream and a few sketches, many designers are frustrated when they discover that the barriers to entry are incredibly high. Most manufacturers are overseas and even when they aren’t offshore, the industry standard requires new designers to order high minimums of at least 300 pieces per order — effectively pricing out many burgeoning brands. Even wealthy rapper Kanye West once famously yelled, “How Sway?!” when asked why he didn’t just start his own fashion line, without buy-in from big name brands. 

Instead of following industry norms, Faché Apparel Manufacturing is operational 24-hours a day and only requires that clients commit to a 6 piece minimum for each color and style of garment they wish to produce. The company also offers product development services to help you take your ideas from your mind into the real world with their guidance song the way.

“We’re an ethical business with quality standards and quality work, Jordan said. “We’re right here in the US so we’re more accessible to people. So now, people don’t have to send their stuff to China. We’re also cost effective.”

Jordan encourages Black designers, no matter where they live, to take that leap of faith and begin the process of manufacturing with his new team. With his qualified, professional staff and materials, Jordan promises that his company can deliver quality that will rival even your most favorite designer brand. 

“I remember going shopping in Miami recently and coming across a plain little sweater for $700.  I asked the sales rep to explain to me ‘Why is this 700 dollars?’, and he just pointed to the label. So, it’s really all about branding your name. Once your name is well known, you can charge whatever you want.”

To work with Faché Apparel Manufacturing, start here

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