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#FamilyFriday: The Importance of Having Good (Girl) Friends…

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First and foremost, friends in general should be beneficial to our social construction and emotional development. Outside of our cousins and siblings, we exhibit and practice most of our social behaviors with them. Good friends help to confirm our self-worth and independence and should exemplify the importance of healthy relationships. They also help shape the way we view the world, and how we interact with others in all of our relationships. Friends can vastly influence our behaviors, beliefs and also  impact on us emotionally. Not having someone to confide in can become increasingly lonely. Even most of those who are introverts admit to having at least one friend.

Friends who support you through thick and thin

We often joke often that when you enter a marriage, you also marry their best friend. There is a reason for that. This two, is just as intimate of a relationship as with your partner. You should support and love your best friend through good and bad times. Remember, none of us are perfect, so just as your boyfriend may mess up, you may find that you and your bestie may have disagreements and disappointments . You may have a moment where your friend may hurt you or vice versa, but your relationship and love, if you so choose, will help you find redemption.  

Personal life coach

Black women supporting Black women is something we need more of. We typically understand each well and express our emotions more fluidly than men. Your friend should help and support you in making major life decisions and other important choices such as determining flattering or unflattering outfits.

Why being a woman is so amazing?

Well it’s because we are QUEENS!! Haven’t you figured this out??? We are intellectual and creative. Women have proven to be the driving force behind major movements and organizations that better the community and world. We are educators of life, culture and love. We are gorgeous, sexy and strong. Having another sister supporting, loving, protecting and building us up will only allow us to live our best lives. Just as you would want with the love of your life, these are some qualities that you want for your ‘ride or die’ as well.    ]]>

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