After Surviving Hurricane Black Woman Creates Beauty Water Brand For Women


    Rochelle Thomas was blessed with unique hands, hands that literally create beauty. She managed to build a cosmetology business with well over 300 clients because of them. Clients supported Rochelle because of what she was able create externally. She knew, however, that true beauty comes from the inside and that as a stylist, she was somewhat limited by the habits of her clients — nutrition, health and self-care all impact how a woman looks. That understanding led Rochelle to create Beautylixirs, an enhanced water brand formulated with organic herbs, vitamins and minerals for active women seeking healthier lifestyle options. This product helps aid with hair, skin and nail health, is a natural energy booster and assists with weight management.

    Beautylixirs contains all of the things that are important to women. BeautyLixirs Herbal Enhanced Water is made with selective Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals that work in harmony to nourish your beauty from the inside out. It’s the beauty in the bottle your body needs. BeautyLixirs are low in calories, have no preservatives, are made with natural ingredients like organic green tea, organic yerba mate, organic sugar cane and an Ayurvedic herb, guggul. Unlike the vast amount of nutritional beverage products made for men, BeautyLixirs were made with women in mind, to provide quality ingredients that aren’t harsh on the body. 

    Rochelle’s road to creating beauty wasn’t always beautiful. Rochelle’s family dynamic was quite challenging growing up but she found a refuge in hair. As a little girl Rochelle loved combing her Barbie dolls’ hair and making them beautiful; then she moved up to real people in her young teenage years. Rochelle eventually went to cosmetology school, before enrolling at Texas Southern University, a historically Black college. She graduated but the road, again, wasn’t always beautiful. Rochelle spent four years couch surfing to get through school. After graduating she got a corporate job and eventually moved in with a friend — a slight upgrade in stability. But Rochelle’s heart just wasn’t into a 9 to 5 and her passion for beauty led her back to doing hair. She saved up enough money to buy her first home at 25 and eventually flipped that into buying her first salon.

    Rochelle had a direction and her gift was making room for her. Business was booming. Rochelle was able to open her second salon in Houston’s coveted Galleria area — the only Black woman with that distinction, at the time. Rochelle’s clients demanded the best — they wanted to feel and look beautiful. Rochelle always counseled them on how to maximize their beauty, from vitamins and minerals to other nutritional secrets. It became clear to her that she needed to do more for her clients and that there was more in her to give. She wanted to create a product to help women achieve beauty from the inside out. In late 2016 she started developing and testing different formulations for her first line of products. Still, as an entrepreneur, her time was limited. Hurricane Harvey changed all of that, however.

    Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston in 2017. It took a big toll on her business of 8 years, which she had to close down shortly after. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Rochelle got over the loss and the devastation, she felt God was showing her this was a perfect window to pursue her passion for beauty. She now had a moment to step back from the grind of entrepreneurship to launch her first product line, one that catered to the nutritional needs of women. Rochelle spent months developing her plan and building a team just as dedicated as she is. 

    The Beautylixirs team: Lavon Washington, MBA, Shanessa Broussard, MBA, Rochelle Thomas, Founder and Jevon Bell, MBA

    Today Rochelle is creating her own lane in the beverage industry as a Black woman, minority owned business. Rochelle and her team are now focused on spreading the importance of Beauty and Wellness and growing the company nationally. Having just launched in July, Beautylixirs is now sold in 7 Snap Fitness gyms in Texas and Louisiana. The company is currently working on expanding to other distribution outlets and retail spaces. You can now purchase Beautylixirs Herbal Enhanced Water ‘INNER BOOST’ online to start your journey to a healthier beautiful you.

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