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Feed Your Hair With This All-Natural Growth Formula, Crafted by a Master Stylist

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Today, there are hair products on the market for every need, want, or desire. While lots of products help you look good for a day, Black-owned D*S*H 100% Handmade Hairfood actually nourishes your hair and promotes real, measurable growth that you can see and feel.

“The formula literally came from God,” said owner and Master Hairstylist Letia N Thomas.

Thomas discovered her follicle-stimulating formula a few years ago when her young daughter’s hair was struggling to grow. Her partner recommended that she try black seed oil and from there, the inspiration started pouring in. While Thomas admits her initial concoction was an intuitive job, she later researched each of the ingredients and learned that they all are proven by scientific studies to grow hair.

“I started doing more research on the things that I was just automatically combining. I found out that in 2014 there was a study that showed the benefits of black seed oil and coconut oil as it relates to natural hair growth,” she said.

D*S*H 100% Handmade Hairfood is a blend of natural ingredients infused with black seed oil and desiccated roses. The premium blend promises to help you detangle, strengthen, and hydrate tresses of all types and textures. In addition to nourishing, the Hairfood stimulates dormant hair follicles and alleviates dry scalp due to eczema, psoriasis, and other scalp conditions.

While D*S*H’s primary product is its all-natural Hairfood, they also sell shampoo bars and a sparkling, glitter version of the Hairfood – for when you want to embellish your edges with something sparkly and nourishing.

“I’ve had girls tell me ‘my edges have come back in’ and men who say ‘my beard has been filling in’.”

Thomas says her products work well for normal to dry hair types and all textures. Hairfood should be used a minimum of 3 days per week for maximum results.

For straighter textures, she recommends using the Hairfood as a pre-shampoo treatment, applying it to the scalp and hair ends, and letting it sit under a plastic cap for 30 minutes or the whole night before shampooing with her cleansing shampoo bar.

The discovery of her products has been rewarding for Thomas who is a widely published, 20-year veteran of the hair industry. In this next phase of her career, she is looking forward to giving back, through the creation of her nourishing hair products and lifting those around her as she climbs to greater heights.

“I have an affiliate program so that I can pay people who are excited about promoting and investing in the product. I give them a promo code and they get real money from each sale,” she said. “… And I want to be able to do that for the life of the brand.”

Shop D*S*H 100% Handmade Hairfood today!

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