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Learn to Flip Pallets and Earn Extra Income With These Courses

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The only thing better than a Black business is a Black business that is built on sharing knowledge and helping to create more Black business owners. 

Ashley J

That’s the mission of Ashley J, founder of Flipping Pallets, who sells her knowledge of wholesale and discount product reselling and other business secrets to her online community of thousands. 

If you’re interested in starting a business or you’ve been dreaming about how to earn another source of income but are unsure where to start, Flipping Pallets might be your next best money-making move. 

Ashley J discovered her method of buying and reselling discounted and surplus goods at a time when she was struggling financially sharing a couch in her mother’s house with her two children. Her brother suggested she join him in “flipping pallets” and on her first attempt, she made a profit of $1200 from a $490 investment. 

After refining her system of flipping pallets, Ashley J, decided to launch a series of courses that teach other people how to flip pallets and create other revenue streams.

“The first day I put out the course, I made 200 dollars, and the next day I made 1200 dollars. When you’re used to doing Doordash and making $400 dollars every 5 days, that’s a big difference,” she said. “So, I feel like the first day the course came out I changed my mindset. I’m like yeah, this can go far.”

Today, over 39,000 people have taken Ashley J’s classes so far. In addition to the information she shares about flipping pallets, Ashley J also has courses on how to rent items for profit, how to advertise with micro-influencers on Instagram, mobile home investing, and more. 

“It doesn’t matter where you start. If you dropped out of school or even if you went to college … you need to have more than one source of income,” she said. “You can change your life. I changed my life in less than a year.”

For a limited time, Ashley J is offering a bundle of four of her most popular classes for $20.

Buy courses here.

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