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Here's How To Follow Your Dreams or Work For Someone Who Did!

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Three Notes Skincare, while doing so.  I left a full-time job years ago and became a contractor.  The idea of a full-time position made me feel like I was married to Corporate America and I simply did not want that marriage.  Contract work allows me to work when I need to and be home focusing on my business otherwise. I realize that having a job hinders the growth of my business, but I also trust the plan I have in place and enjoy the skills I’m gaining during the slow growth period.  I work long hours at home doing all that I can to make my business a success knowing that in the end, I WILL leave Corporate America and walk into the life where I am living my dreams. Often times, we put our dreams on hold or make them back up plans to our corporate jobs.  Elizabeth Holmes said it best when she said, “the minute you have a backup plan, you’ve admitted you’re not going to succeed.” Have faith in what you are doing! If the idea of leaving your job brings you so much angst, are you really passionate about your dreams?  Would you work hard to pursue your dreams if the fear of breaking away from your job was not the problem? One thing for sure is if you are passionate about something, you will find a way to do it!  The answer to whether you should quit your job and pursue your dreams depends on how driven you are to make it happen.  If you have the attitude to stop at nothing until you have reached your dreams, then you are probably ready to leave that corporate job.  If not, continue working for the person that did.]]>

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