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Get Financially Literate and Build Generational Wealth With Financial Joy School

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Financial literacy is the foundation for making critical financial decisions. Financial literacy is at the core, from smart investing to budgeting to eliminating debt. Becoming financially literate can be challenging without the right tools or resources. However, Financial Joy School is here to help. 

Financial Joy School is a Black-owned financial knowledge company focused on “creating a world where families can build generational wealth — and transform their future.” 

Founder Ruby Taylor started Financial Joy School after reading an article that stated that the median net worth of African American and Latino families would be zero by 2053 and 2073, respectively. These statistics did not sit well with Taylor, so she decided to find a solution to this alarming prediction. 

To solve this issue, Taylor started learning how to become a long-term investor. With this knowledge, Taylor improved the wealth of her nuclear and extended family. Shortly after educating herself and her family, Taylor turned her expertise and aim to the community.

“If I can help my family, I can definitely help my community,” Taylor said. 

Taylor’s first step in her mission to build up the wealth and financial literacy of the Black and brown communities started with a card game: LEGACY!. The game is designed to help families start the discussion on building generational wealth by learning how career and financial choices impact our legacy and wealth. After that, Taylor created a free educational program to help people become financially literate. 

Taylor and Financial Joy School are putting on the first annual Financial Family Reunion Summit this year, sponsored by Trust & Will, an estate planning company that provides digital trusts and wills. You will learn about long-term investing, real estate, financial trauma, entrepreneurship, and buying stock during the summit. This free summit will teach you how these topics can help one build generational wealth, and Trust & Will will help you protect it. 

“We can’t just build wealth. We have to protect it, and getting a trust or will ensure that,” Taylor emphasized. 

In addition to the valuable information that will be shared, Financial Joy School is also giving one lucky family $10,000 to invest in their journey to generational wealth. The family will also receive a financial advisor to support and guide them. Other families will also have the chance to win cash in amounts of $150, $500, $1000, or $1,500 just for attending. 

The Financial Family Reunion Summit is a free virtual event that will feature speakers like former NFL player and real estate investor Ryan Boyles, who is known for turning his 60K annual NFL budget into a real estate business. Founder of Equip Advisory, and certified financial advisor, Kerrie Carden. Financial analyst and debt-free maven, Raine Sellers. Founder of Coins for College Josuha Samuels, Ollen Douglass of Motley Fool Ventures, and Ruby Taylor. 

The business also offers an e-course that attendees can access in preparation for the summit or as a continued learning tool after attending the summit.

“Join our community of over 1065 families and secure your future,” Taylor expressed.

The summit will be held on September 17th, 2022, from 12:30-5:30 p.m. EST.

To register for the Financial Family Reunion Summit, visit Financial Joy School.

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