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Get Glowing Summer Skin With Exfoliating Gloves From Bare Bodhi

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For smooth summer skin, free from ingrown hairs and hyperpigmentation get a pair of Bare Bodhi’s fingerless exfoliating gloves and buff your way to beauty.

Bare Bodhi is a Black-owned self-care company specializing in fingerless exfoliating gloves. Ashley Greene founded the brand out of a necessity for effective products that elevated her shower experience.

“At Bare Bodhi, we believe that every shower is an opportunity to awaken the light within. In nourishing our bodies, we awaken our souls and enable ourselves to serve our highest good,” Greene expressed.

The message of the brand is embedded in the name Bodhi, which means awakening and refers to the Bodhi tree where the Buddha sat and gained enlightenment.

Greene created the brand’s star product because her long nails made it difficult to use regular exfoliation gloves in the shower. Greene thought, “Why not cut the fingers off?”

Modifying the gloves not only made exfoliating easier, but it also gave her mobility. Creating a more practical way to engage in self-care is a hallmark of the brand, which aims to promote a more holistic approach to bath time.

“There’s something spiritual about the connection to self when you wash your body with intention,” Greene explained. “Having the fingertips free enhances that experience and highlights the brand values of balance between mind, body, and spirit.”

Bare Bodhi founder, Ashley Greene

Greene noted that the innovative design isn’t just for people with long nails. “It’s also great because your fingers are free to wash your sensitive areas without having to take the gloves off,” she said.

With these gloves, you can wash your face, answer the phone and respond to a text without having to remove them.

Bare Bodhi’s exfoliating gloves are made with an exclusively manufactured weave that ensures a sudsy scrub with minimum effort. The gloves help promote skin health, activate blood circulation, and even combat ingrown hairs and hyperpigmentation. With regular use, you will achieve glowing, smooth, and buttery soft skin.

The gloves come in five different colors, red, pink, black, grey, and aqua. The black gloves are perfect for people who regularly use self-tanner or African black soap. The aqua gloves are made with sensitive skin in mind; the weave is lighter and softer than the other pairs. 

Bare Bodhi fingerless exfoliating gloves are suitable for both women and men — one size fits most. 

“Every shower is an opportunity to renew,” Greene expressed. 

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